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Banana and Muskmelon Shake

It’s a beautiful day here in Pune, India. The rain has been gently sprinkling from the sky since dawn. My alarm went off at 5.30, and my repetitive morning routine makes me kind of tired. The first thing I do after waking up is making myself a cup of coffee. Then I cook breakfast and pack Yaseen’s lunch box. Sadik helps getting our little guy ready. When Yaseen goes to catch a school bus, I usually sit in my balcony so I get to sip my coffee that finally becomes cold.

banana melon shake 4

I pledge to take care of my health better which includes nutritious breakfast and exercise more regularly. I love fruit shakes that are made with seasonal fruits. They are delightful and filled with vitamins, minerals and fiber. These delicious blends are good for waking up your body and helps boosting your metabolism.

banana melon shake 1

I love bananas. They are sweet and filling. I pair them with muskmelon today. The melon is juicy and smells amazing.

banana melon shake 2

You can cut the melon and banana into small cubes and place them into the blender, but I find it easier to just scoop the melon out with a spoon into the blender directly. I also add some ice to make it chill and delicious.

Banana and Muskmelon Shake


Half muskmelon- cut into small cubes

2 banana- sliced into small pieces

½ cup ice


Add all ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth. Serve immediately.

banana melon shake 3

What’s your favorite shake?


2 comments to Banana and Muskmelon Shake

  • This is great! We actually do something very similar except that we will cut our melons into cubes and freeze them. Then we put the frozen cubes into the blender with the banana (and sometimes some orange juice).

    Now, where we live in Canada, when people refer to muskmelon, they are really talking about cantaloupe (which I guess is just a variety of muskmelon).

    Have a great day!

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