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Introducing Horror Friday – Today with Yaseen’s Doughnut Cake and The Poltergeist

So you know that I write paranormal fiction and I love horror movies. It’s been a few months now that I initiated a Horror Movie Friday to my friends, and we have been doing that almost every week. We get together during lunch and watch horror movies every Friday. They are not necessarily the new releases, but something we thought it would give us nightmares. So every Friday, I will do a different kind of post; I will share my horror movie experiences, books, articles and stories here. And oh, I will also share what we eat on the Horror Friday. Don’t worry… I will still share my recipes on the other days, and we won’t turn this site into a paranormal thing.

Chocolate Chips doughnut cake 4

Today Yaseen and Sadik have their holiday, so we are staying at home. Sadik is fasting so he won’t be eating anything we make today. Yaseen cooks us some cake that strangely tastes like doughnut.

Chocolate Chips doughnut cake 1

Yaseen is 6 now, and I’m happy he loves cooking. His favorite dish to cook is cake. And like me, he usually bakes without any measurement. He can do most of the stuff by himself now with a very minimum supervision though we are living with excitement that we will find egg shells in his cake.

Chocolate Chips doughnut cake 2

He whips up the batter today. It is quite thick, but I decide not to interfere and let it be all his creation.

Chocolate Chips doughnut cake 3

He loves eating raw batter which I find quite yucky.

Chocolate Chips doughnut cake 5

The cake is loaded with chocolate chips on top, and they are melting everywhere. Now that we have the food… let’s talk about the movie.

poster 1

(movie poster from

The movie I picked to talk about today is the 2015 the Poltergeist. To be honest, I watched this one 2 weeks ago, but I should share a little about it with you today.

Warning: This post contains movie spoiler.

The Poltergeist is a remake of the 1982 movie of the same name. I used to watch 15 minutes of the original version from VCD but I couldn’t finish it, so I like that I could experience the fresh plot. The Poltergeist is about the paranormal incident that happens to the Bowens who have recently move into a new house in the suburb where they find out later that it was built on the cemetery ground. The tragic happens when the youngest daughter Madison is kidnapped by the sinister entities, forcing the family to seek help from a team of parapsychologists.

I love this movie. Love it from the direction, a simple plot and its scary freaky scenes including clowns and scary tree. The movie gives me a lot of Goosebumps Moments and it also has a funny tone at the same time. It does try to explain a lot about why the spirits is so violent and I like it better than the things in a lot of movies that make the plots too complex and confusing.

Have you watched this movie? What do you think about it? Any movie you want to suggest us to watch next Friday? I already have one in my mind though… Insidious Chapter 3!


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