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Small Town Girl without a Blog

Some of you who have been following this blog might remember that I mentioned my other blog Small Town Tes a few times now. I took it down recently because I couldn’t keep up with the volumes of work I have to put in to maintain both blogs. Small Town Tes is another humble personal blog of mine that shows other side of me other than my love of food. I share about my life coming from being a girl from a small town, my silly rants, my music, my novels, my personal style, and other random things unlike Tes at Home, where we mostly talk food. Tes at Home is my home so I will never give up this space.


I do feel a bit sad that I have to shut down my other blog, but I understood that it was necessary. Maybe it’s time I build some more rooms in my house, in this place, in Tes at Home. What do you think? I want to travel more and talk to you about places in India that I haven’t explored. Maybe we should talk about health? I think we should talk more about life. Yes, definitely more about that. I can think of some informative topics that we can share and discuss.

More Food


My other blog being gone means I will have more time working on this blog. There will be a lot more recipes for sure. Now my mom is living here with us so I’m taking this opportunity to learn tons of rustic Isaan Cuisine from her.

Horror Side of Me

You already know that I’m into anything paranormal and horror. I will be doing a Horror Friday Post every Friday. And we definitely will talk about things that we make or eat on Friday.

Health, Beauty and Girlie things


One of the most popular search and request on my blog is a home treatment and remedy for skin. Interesting right? My Honey Yogurt and Turmeric Mask has more than 700 pins on pinterest. I would love to share more of things like that. Oooo, I’m feeling so girly.



A lot of people is missing our trekking posts, I do miss days like that, too. Okay so it’s time to pack and to hit the road to the mountains with the boys.

Let’s talk

This blog is another room in my home. A living room where I sit and talk to you. You can share and talk to me back. It would be nice and fun. I like comments. I like to learn stuff from you as well.

Okay it’s 9.30 pm here in Pune. The sky is wet and heavy. So cozy. Perfect to make anyone feel super sleepy. Tomorrow we are going to the dark side. Haha, I make it sound so creepy. Well, it’s Friday and I will be doing the Horror Friday Post. I will definitely be watching Insidious Chapter 3. Okay time for bed! Talk to you tomorrow.


6 comments to Small Town Girl without a Blog

  • While you are merging different blogs into one . I’m splitting mine 🙂 Good luck

  • You should at least save all the entries. What we consider stupid at one age will enchant us as we mellow.
    I always kick myself for tearing up all my teenage diaries when I was in my thirties. At that time there was no Internet.
    I must read your horror entries!
    Happy Friday, dear!

    • Tes

      Gita, yes, I’m lucky I still have those entries, and I will gradually share them here. I know what you mean, I felt the same that I didn’t keep my silly stuff from my teenage years. I need to try to remember them and note things down 🙂 Happy Friday to you, too!

  • Ping~The Chic Laotian

    Love this post! I’ll pass on the Horror Friday;) Yeah, I was wondering about the other blog as it was down. It’s good to focus on one and make it the best. Hey maybe you do can vlog in the future posts? That’ll be fun! Just a thought. Looking forward to reading more posts. Cheers!

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