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Horror Friday: Insidious Chapter 3

So you know that I write paranormal fiction and I love horror movies. It’s been a few months now that I initiate a Horror Movie Friday to my friends, and we have been doing that almost every week. We would get together during lunch and watch horror movies. They are not necessarily the new releases, but something we thought it would give us nightmares at night. So every Friday I will share my horror movie experiences, books, articles and stories here. Don’t worry… I will still share my recipes on the other day. We won’t turn this site into a paranormal stuff website.

Warning: This post contains movie spoiler.

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So have you watched any of the Insidious movies? For me, Insidious is one of the best horror movie franchises I have seen in 10 years. I love the plot and the direction. Sorry I’m jumping to Chapter 3 before I write Chapter 1 and 2, but I decided to share what exactly I have been doing on this Friday.

Insidious Chapter 3 revolves around the paranormal occurrences happening to teenager Quinn Brenner who feels the present of her late mother around her. She had attempted to make the contact with the spirit of her mother and later approached psychic Elise Rainier for help. Elise turned her down and warned that she shouldn’t continued trying to contact her mother as she is endangered herself to other spirits who can hear her as well.

Deliberately, Quinn begins to be haunted, and she isn’t sure the entity that is attached to her is her mother anymore. The haunting becomes violent, forcing her dad to bring in the paranormal investigation team. When the team fails to help Quinn, Elise steps in and saves her, ultimately bringing peace back in the family again.

Woohoo! I love the ending. I don’t necessarily love happy endings in the horror movies, but when it’s answered the question and make the whole things feels resolved, it’s perfect.

Since I am already a fan of Insidious Franchise, I was glue to the plot in the beginning. I have always love the pictures, the style and the scenes in these movies, and in chapter 3, it’s very cool and creepy. There are several scenes that make me jump out of my seat, especially the knocking the wall scene. Though I’ve already seen it several times in the movie trailer, it’s still freaky. I also enjoy the character Elise who is in the transition from giving-up her gift to fighting the evils. She is very vivacious in this movie and there are several funny scenes that give me a break from being super nervous.

One of some interesting things my friend pointed out from the movie is the theory of Elise being the girl who got abducted by the spirits in the movie the Poltergeist. I find that very awesome, but I still can’t find a solid prove to that claim yet.

Okay, now I know I promised that I would also tell you about what I ate today, but I got so busy with a photo shoot for my business. I ordered some Chinese food and then I had Falooda for dinner. I should have taken the pictures of the food, too. Ugh, anyway, next time I will definitely talk about the food more. Gosh, it’s 10.30 pm already, and I am still thinking about what I should watch next week. Maybe I should go for an old horror flicks or perhaps the new ones. What do you suggest?


3 comments to Horror Friday: Insidious Chapter 3

  • I used to enjoy Thai Horror films in Malaysia. Now I miss them. These days I don’t watch horror as my son is now not living with us. We both used to watch horror when he was younger.

    • Tes

      Oh my God, Gita, I can never watch Thai Horror films alone. They’re too real for me considering I grew up with the spooky urban legends around me. My mom and dad used to tell me about all the scary stories as bed time stories. I know it’s weird, but it’s what kept us inside the house after dark 😛

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