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Food on a Rainy Day

Sometimes good food is all you need to cure a small cold on a gloomy rainy day. It’s been raining all day. The air is super wet and cold. It’s weird that I find my house looking particularly cozy when I’m sick. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the couch that looks more welcoming. The bed feels softer. My kitchen is warmer.

Eat Food That Fights a Cold

Food on the rainy day 1

When I’m starting to feel like I’m going to catch a cold, I always am so delight to pamper myself with a bowl of chicken broth made with chicken carcass, garlic, ginger and a cup of some lovely sweet carrot. It’s better than medicine I think. The broth is very nourishing. After finishing the whole bowl, I feel like that cold is already half way gone.

Eat Your Colorful Veggies

Food on the rainy day 4

I also love to eat colorful and light when the weather is chilly. Those luscious green leaves tossed in smoky nutty oil are mixed with the tender cubes of tofu. I love a lot of pepper with my stir fried vegetable. The dish like this is packed with vitamins and minerals, the natural health boosters. They are so good to me that I don’t think I will ever really need a flu shot.

Bold Flavor

Food on the rainy day 5

Okay, there were times when I lost my appetite. The easiest way to get me to enjoy food again is to go crazy with the flavor. A simple condiment made with a lot of fresh chilies, garlic, shallots, fresh lime juice, sugar and fish sauce is my magic potion. The scent of this pungent sauce makes my mouth water. These fresh ingredients are not only delicious, but they are wonderful and are known to be loaded with natural antibiotic.

Make It Hot

Food on the rainy day 2

Of course, a bowl of rice is a must. The hotter the better. I love my food to be full of steam unfurling from the bowls. All these things make me feel so much better already. Now a long nap in a warm bed will really seal the deal.


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