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Eating Seasonally and Locally is My Thing

In the peak of monsoon season in India, the local markets all over the country seem to be flourished with fresh produce. This is a season you will find the purplish tart berries like Jamoon. Fresh herbs like mint and coriander seem to be more fragrant than usual. The mango season has faded, and I’ve missed a chance to try Chicken in Mango Sauce. All the vegetable are more firm and succulent. It’s the magical time for the local produce.

Eating seasonally and Locally

Healthy is a word I use really often now. I try to cook healthier than I usually do. This doesn’t really mean that I have given up all the scrumptious oily fast food. I still do eat them. Gosh, how can I say no to fried chicken or ice cream? I still eat junk food, but in moderation and much less. I eat better, and cook better for my family. This includes eat seasonal and locally grown food.

How to Tell What Food is in Season

This is not hard really. You will know what produce is in season when you see that certain food abundantly spreading in the markets. And another way to tell is when you notice that it’s cheap. Outside Pune City, strawberries are grown in a hill-station called Mahabaleshwar. In winter which is around November to February, the strawberries are ripe and ready. We know this is strawberry season. We can get juicy red strawberries for a very reasonable price. This is a time to enjoy strawberries while they last.

Seasonal and Locally Grown Food are Highly Nutritious

Vegetable and fruits are very nutritious when they approach the time they are ready to be harvested. During this prime season, the weather condition supports the produce to be filled with natural benefits.

Better Flavor

Fresh Food is always the best food. When the vast supplies of fresh food are in the season, you can heartily enjoy the beautiful flavor of nature.

Support Local Farmers

Buying fresh local produce is the best way to support your local farmers. You don’t only help the local economy, but it’s the best way to appreciate the hard work of the farmers.

Avoid Chemicals, Hormone and Preservatives

Locally grown and seasonal produce deals with minimal chemicals, hormones and preservatives. These additives are used to boost the growth or to preserve the produce to stay longer. They are very bad for your health, so it’s best to buy the simplest organic produce from the local farms.

Save Money

And of course we can save a lot of money buying seasonal fruits and vegetables. Do you know how much a box of 50gm of fresh blueberries cost in my area? 600 Rupees! That’s about 12 tiny blueberries for USD 10. Yes, we don’t grow strawberries here, and these berries had to be imported. I think I should stick to tropical fruits better!

Now let me know if you love eating seasonally and locally? And what’s in season for you right now?


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