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Melt Banana and Jam Sandwich

Banana is my favorite fruit ever! I love the soft texture of it that reminds me of baby food. I know it’s weird, but I always think baby food is so yummy. Previously, when I think of breakfast, I always go with eggs. There’re tons of ways you can have eggs for breakfast. But lately, I enjoy banana in the morning the best. I find that bananas don’t just give me a big boost of energy in the morning, but it makes me feel so clean and healthy as well. Banana Smoothie is one of the yummiest breakfast drinks. I don’t mind having it with full milk, but sometimes when I feel like being healthy, I substitute milk with soy milk.

Melt Banana Jam Sandwich 4

And guess what? Just like eggs, there are many ways we can have our ways with bananas for breakfast. I love having the chunks of bananas in place of cereal. I even have banana in my egg sandwich, and of course, if you try this Melt Banana and Jam Sandwich, you will be even more convinced about my love for bananas.

Melt Banana Jam Sandwich 1

I really love walking into the kitchen and deciding what to make for breakfast. You want something hearty and delicious. I always believe that you should eat something that makes you super happy in the morning to keep a good mood and to give an inspiration surge. This sandwich is so easy to make as well. Most of the time, Yaseen is my little helper. Kids love being involved. Let them! It makes them appreciate food better.

Melt Banana Jam Sandwich 2

All you need to do is spread some jam on some slices bread and stuff them with as many slices of bananas as you can. We have strawberry jam, but any kind will do. You can even use Nutella or peanut butter.

Melt Banana Jam Sandwich 3

Now the not so secret ingredient… butter! You want to slap the outside of the sandwiches with generous amount of butter before popping them in the grill. Look at that gorgeous delicious fat that will turn your sandwich into the crisp and gold piece of heaven!

Melt Banana Jam Sandwich 5

Melt Banana and Jam Sandwich


4 pieces of bread— any kind of bread. Use whole grains for healthier option

2 bananas- sliced

2 tbsp jam

1 tbsp butter


Spread some jam over the slices of bread.

Add banana slices and cover with another slice of bread. If you want to cut the crust off, do so. I leave it on for some crunchiness.

Apply some butter on the outside of the sandwiches. Do that on both sides.

Preheat your grill and grill the sandwiches until they are golden brown.

Serve hot and enjoy!

Melt Banana Jam Sandwich 6


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