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India-Myanmar-Thailand Road Trip Is Happening

I have good news! A few blog readers left some comments on my blog and told me that the portion of Asian Highway Network which connects India, Myanmar and Thailand is now operational! I actually felt the chill down my spine when I saw the comments. After reading some articles online, I realized my dream road trip is about to come true. I called my husband Sadik immediately, and he said “Let’s make it happen!”

Breakfast & road trip 1

It’s always been our dream to drive from India to Thailand. Sadik loves driving and he is super excited about this mega drive right now. We are planning a 2 week long road trip from Pune, India to Khon Kaen, Thailand via Myanmar. Right now, we are studying the road and the procedure of crossing the boarders. We are going to stop in many cities, town and villages. We will be trying lots of food and tons of local delicacies. Oh I can’t wait.

Ideally, we want to do this trip in first week of April so we can go and celebrate Song Kran Festival in Thailand, but I’m not sure about this at the moment because of my son’s school schedule is still not fixed at that time. I will have to check with his school and see what they can do for us. So probably this trip will start once his summer holiday begins.

A lot of my readers are already on board this trip. Last time I checked, there was about 8 families wanted to join us in this trip. Well, you are all welcome to be a part this. We love travelling in a big fun group where we can help and explore the world together. Now in this few months to come, I will be doing a big research on this trip and finalize the plan. If you guys have more details, please share with me and suggest me how to make this trip more fun and memorable.


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