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Easy House Cleaning Steps and Tips

Okay guys, let’s get down and dirty. One of the most asked question I’ve got over the years is how I am making it seems easy to be a full time housewife, a mom and working on many projects at the same time. The truth is I might seem to work on so many things, but my family is always the priority. Most of my works are more like hobbies. Whether it’s my blog, my novels, my traveling projects or my music; these are simple things that keep me happy and motivated.

To be honest, it’s tough. And I’m on the opposite side of perfection all the time. My house is never really neat. We have toys, papers and crayons all over the house. I don’t think I’m sloppy, but I don’t like to be stressed too much over anything. Sometimes, we are fine with not picking up stuff and jumping over them like Super Mario Game. Okay, maybe I slightly exaggerated that. We’re not that awful. I do have a housekeeper who comes in to clean the floor and the dishes every day. But in order to keep the house presentable, I need to roll up my sleeves and work smart.


I do the thorough cleaning of the house once a month. It’s an exhausting task so I like to plan the work to make things easier. This steps and tips are super helpful to me so I like to share them with you. You can adapt them into your cleaning routine. I promise it will make thing easier.

Easy Steps and Tips for Cleaning House

Put on your favorite playlist! This will take a while…


Planning takes only a few minutes. It’s important to scan around the house. Look from the ceiling to the floor in every room, and take small notes of what to be taken care of.

List out what need to be done, and then arrange the tasks from the first things to the last.

Tips: Do the easy tasks first, and then cross them off the list one by one. This way you will feel motivated to finish the heavier tasks later.

Pick Things Up and Throw Things Away Game

To me, this is the hardest part of the entire cleaning routine, but for some people, this can be super easy. It depends on your habit. If you have a lot of stuff lying around the house, it will be difficult to sort things out. Start with one room, throw away things that you don’t need. Pick things up and put them where they belong. Think of this as a super productive cardio!

Tips: drag a big trash bag along with you so you can throw things away as you walk around. You can also have separate baskets to sort stuff like toys and clothes to quickly organize and keep them in places. At the end of this step, you can start your laundry and dishes.


Now it’s time to get rid of dust and nasty stuff on your furniture, mirrors, etc. Start from the ceiling; you want to take care of spider webs, and dirt on the fan and lighting fixtures. Dust your curtains, wipe your table with disinfectant spray and vacuum your sofa, etc. Clean your kitchen counter, stove and oven until they’re nice and shiny again.

Tips: Cleaning from top to bottom to avoid the dust from the top falling to the area that you’ve already cleaned.

Broom and Mop

Time to take care of the floor! Now that everything is in place, broom the entire house and mop the floor with fragrant floor cleaner.

Tips: Keep the kitchen last because the floor is quite greasy in there.

Attack the Bathrooms

Put on the gloves. You are going to scrub and scrub! Make sure you throw away empty bottles of bath products. Clean the toilet, scrub those nasty spots and wipe the floor dry. Keep the bathroom door and window opened to let fresh air circulate in there.

Tips: Baking soda is such a life saver! Make your own bathroom cleaner with baking soda and water. It’s cheap and affective!

Bring in the Zen

Light some scented candles and bring in beautiful flowers and indoor plants to make the house look fresh and calm.

Tips: Rewarding yourself after the big cleaning can make you feel super good later. Usually, I would take a long shower, and then pamper myself with some ginger tea and maybe a face mask. Get your favorite food after this helps, too. Uhmmm… spicy Pho.

And hey! If you want to see a video about this Easy Cleaning Tips and Step, let me know 🙂


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