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Three Flavors

In Thailand, when we go out to eat, we always order Three-Flavored Fish. It’s crispy fried fish loaded with fresh herbs and intense spicy dressing. The beautiful garnishes cover every inch of the oozing delicious fish.

The dish is perfect with strong drinks. Most of the time, it’s served along chilled alcoholic beverage. We also have it in a meal or as snack. The vibrant scent of Three-Flavored Fish instantly wakes up your senses as the zesty hint of fresh lime and other herbs are fused together.

Three Flavored Fish 1

Sweet, Sour and Spicy are the three flavors that beautifully mix and balance. There are lemon grass, ginger, fresh garlic, lime, chilies, mints, basil, etc. You can imagine the taste.

I originally planned to post the recipe of Three-Flavored Fish today, but I wasn’t happy with the pictures I took. I want to share the step-by-step pictures that highlight the fresh ingredients which are treated with respect. So this weekend, I will go shop and hopefully I can post the recipe next week.


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