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Rad Na Goong (Noodle in Gravy with Shrimp)

Rad Nar is comfort food. It’s a kind of food you can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s the type of food you can have every day. Lad Nar is a quick noodle dish. It’s sold everywhere in Thailand. There is many version of this dish, depending on what ingredients you add in a wok. You can use big fat flat rice noodle or the skinny ones. You can also use deep fried egg noodle as the base of the dish as well. For gravy, you can use any kind of meat to mix with the glorious luscious leafy vegetable.

Rad Na Goong 1

Rad Na is wholesome and bold in flavor. That’s why I very much prefer it than Pad Thai. I don’t know why this dish isn’t as popular as Pad Thai in other countries. It’s not even difficult to make, so if you guys try it, please let me know what you think about the dish.

Rad Na Goong 4

Today, I make Rad Na Goong. Goong means shrimp or prawn in Thai. So the gravy I cook is loaded with succulent shrimp. Usually I will use Gai Lan or Chinese broccoli for this, but today I use bok choy which is easily available in a market near me. I also substitute yellow bean paste with black bean paste. I find these ingredients to taste almost similar so it’s work for me. To make perfect Rad Nar, you need a large pan or wok on a hot high heat stove. You need to cook it fast to avoid overcooking the ingredients. The key is to keep the shrimp juicy and the bok choy a little crunchy.


And oh yeah, you will learn that the easy dish like this can look very tempting. The noodle is perfectly soft as it muddles in the thick gravy of shrimp and bok choy. It’s humble and fresh, and at the same time, every spoonful is bursting with flavor.

Rad Na Goong (Noodle in Gravy with Shrimp)


Rad Na Goong 5

For Noodle

100 gm flat rice noodle stick- soaked in water for at least 30 minutes

1 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 tbsp- roughly chopped garlic

1/2 tbsp sugar

1/2 tbsp fish sauce

1 tbsp vegetable oil

For Gravy with Shrimp

1 cup- peeled and deveined shrimp

1/2 tbsp- roughly chopped garlic

2 tbsp Spicy Black Bean Paste

3 cups boiling chicken stock

4 bok choys- sliced

1/2 tsp ground white pepper

2 tbsp corn flour- dissolved in a little water

1 tbsp oil


Rad Na Goong 6

To prepare the noodle, heat oil in a large pan over high heat stove. When the oil is hot, and garlic, and briskly stir until aromatic.

Rad Na Goong 7

Add noodle, soy sauce, sugar and fish sauce.

Rad Na Goong 8

Stir fry for two minutes or until the noodle is soft. Remove the noodle from the heat and keep aside.

Rad Na Goong 9

For the gravy, in a large pan, sauté garlic in oil over high heat until golden, and add shrimp. Give it a couple of quick stirs.

Rad Na Goong 10

Add boy choy and spicy black bean paste, and then toss until bok choy is a slightly wilted.

Rad Na Goong 11

Add boiling chicken stock and give it a quick stir.

Rad Na Goong 12

Thicken the gravy with corn flour solution, and add ground white pepper at the end.

Rad Na Goong 3

To serve, place the noodle on the plate, and generously top it with the gravy. You may add some chili flakes, sugar, vinegar and fish sauce to adjust the taste as per your liking.

Rad Na Goong 2


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