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Butter and Sugar Toast

Butter should be used instead of an alarm clock to wake people up. I hate the high pitch ringing that arrogantly rocks my house every 6 am. But I think we should wake people up in the gentle ways.  Something soft like butter, maybe, can persuade my family to get out of bed easily.

Sugar Toast 5

It’s simple. All I need was some fresh loaf of bread, butter and sugar. You know the smell of melting butter. The smell of deliciousness. It’s humble and comforting. I love how the butter melts and mellows into the bread with sparkling crystal of sugar crusted on the surface. The toast is very crunchy and it just disappears in your mouth. It’s the kind of food both kids and adults can enjoy. This is the smell of a good morning.

When I was a kid, sweet crunchy toasts like this were sold in a bag for 5 Baht. That’s like 6 cents. There were about 10 pieces of toast in each bag. So affordable! It’s a decent breakfast for school kids who were in a hurry. It’s also a good snack, and I loved to eat it after school before a long ride on the bus home.

Sugar Toast 1

These days I make Butter and Sugar toast when I want the boys to rise early and be energetic. A lovely breakfast is a wonderful start. It charges you up and makes you look forward to being productive. Ironically, if you eat too much of these buttery sweet toast, you will be so full and feel sleepy all day.

Butter and Sugar Toast


Sugar Toast 2

10 slices of white bread

½ cup butter- room temperature

2 tbsp sugar


Sugar Toast 3

Cut off the crust of the bread and slice it in half.

Sugar Toast 4

Butter the bread on both side and sprinkle some sugar on both sides as well.

Grill on the wire rack in the oven for 5 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

Sugar Toast 6

Let it cool so the toast becomes dry and crispy before serving.


Oh, I almost forgot! If you don’t mind the extra sweet and calories, dip these crispy things in condensed milk, and it’s heaven in your mouth.


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