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Malvan Fish Market

If you haven’t seen our travel video of Tarkarli Trip yet, you might have missed the vibrant scene of Malvan Fish Market. Don’t worry. I really don’t want you to miss this because it’s such an awesome experience. If you love seafood, visiting fish markets will accelerate your love for natural ingredients and make you appreciate food so much better.

Malvan Fish Market 3

I always feel very excited to go to beaches, but unlike most people who want to just relax on the soft sand, the first thing I love to check is the location of fish markets in the area. Though I don’t like to plan every moment of the trip in detail, but I will make sure that we get to visit fish market and try the best seafood the local has to offer. Fish markets are all about the fresh catches. We always buy some fish and bring it to the resort where we stay and ask them to cook the most simple and humble meal for us.

Malvan Fish Market 1

Malvan Fish Market is situated right on the beach in the town of Malvan, Sindhudurg District of southern Maharashtra, India. The market is easy to reach, and you can bring the car to park right on the beach. If you have trouble getting there, other than using GPS, I recommend asking the locals because you might miss the sign board which is written in local language. In this trip, we stayed at Tarkarli Beach, which is  8 km away from Malvan, so it took us leisurely 15 minutes to get to the market. Malvan Fish Market operates in the evening and morning. The evening batch has more loads and the market is more alive, so it’s an ideal time to visit. There are fresh fish and other seafood selling all over the beach.

Malvan Fish Market 5

There are also many auction groups which are the best sources to get cheap and best quality seafood.

Malvan Fish Market 8

When we reached the Malvan Fish Market at 5 in the evening, the market hadn’t started. We saw a lot of people hanging out at the beach, a group of ladies with empty baskets sitting on one side, and the boats were waiting close to the shore. The smaller boats rowed out to pack up the fish to load them to the beach. Everyone was waiting eagerly. I can see that it’s a daily routine for most people here, and we tried our best not to be a nuisance at this busy event.

Malvan Fish Market 9

The sun slowly reclined, getting closer to the horizon, when the fishermen hurried up to the beach with their catches. It was a quick transaction. Once the fish hit the ground, the buyers negotiate and buy the fish immediately. The auctioning is the most interesting because it is where the best catches are sold.

Malvan Fish Market 6

There are mackerels, sardines, small snappers, anchovies, prawns, calamari, pomfret, king fish and lots of other fish.

Malvan Fish Market 7

You will also find the unusual seafood with is a delicacy. I was tempted, and if I had a kitchen there, I would be cooking them.

Malvan Fish Market 2

We bought a kilo of pomfret which yielded 7 fish. It was Rs. 550 which was about Rs. 300 cheaper than what we got in the city. We also bargained for a basket of prawns for Rs. 350. We wanted to get some calamari, too, but we had already bought too much more than we could eat.

Malvan Fish Market 10

The market wrapped up by sunset, and we headed back to the resort. We requested the resort to cook our fish and prawns, and this was what they came up with.

Malvan Fish Market 13

It was delicious! The cook at the resort made some spicy aromatic fried fish and crunchy fried prawns in a crust of spices and semolina.

Malvan Fish Market 12

We also had chicken curry Thali which was a meal set served in a big plate. So delicious!

If you want to see our day at Malvan Fish Market in action, you can watch it here.


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