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Pandan Leaf Infused Syrup

I can’t believe I’m teaching people how to make syrup. But guys, it’s necessary. Let’s face it; we need to talk about this. Syrup is important ingredients in Thai drink mixes and desserts. Although there are many versions and the levels of intensity of syrup, one thing I can say is the syrup here is more beautifully fragrant than anywhere else.

Pandan leaf syrup 1

The key ingredient of gorgeous syrup is this…. Pandan leaf. Pandan is essential plant in Asia. It’s lovely fragrant is responsible in making the food here light, fresh and earthy scented. Using a few pandan leaves in making syrup gives a wonderful note to the delicious, sticky liquid. I use this syrup in dessert, drinks and even in my coffee and tea. Usually I made a bottle and store it in a fridge to use when required. It always comes in handy and it’s so delicious!

Pandan Leaf Infused Syrup


3 cups sugar

1 liter water

2 pandan leaves


Heat water in the pot until boiling, and add sugar and pandan leaves. Stir until the sugar is dissolved and turn off the heat. Let the syrup cool down and store it in a clean bottle.

Note: you can make the syrup thicker and sweeter by adding more sugar.

Now that you know how to make your very own scented syrup. Next I will show you how to make delicious Thai dessert and drinks 🙂

Pandan leaf syrup 2


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