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Yakult and Jelly Smoothie

What’s the most fun and crazy smoothie you have ever tried? When I was living in Thailand, I used to hunt for the craziest things to eat after school. From scary spicy papaya salad that should be labeled as poison to deep fried chicken feet, I liked to try something new and fun.

Yakult and Jelly Smoothie 5

Today I want to show you another interesting recipe from street markets of Thailand. This smoothie is very popular. It’s colorful and delicious, plus it’s really good for your stomach.

Yakult and Jelly Smoothie 2

What is it? You can never guess!

Yakult and Jelly Smoothie!

Yakult and Jelly Smoothie 3

I know right! It’s a strange combination.

Okay wait! Do you guys have Yakult in your countries? We have it in Thailand and India. I don’t know if you have this brand in the west. Yakult is probiotic drink. It’s basically a fermented milk drink with healthy bacteria in it.

Yakult is a household name in Thailand. Everyone loves the lovely flavor that came in such these tiny bottles, and this drink supposed to promote healthy digestion. I remember having it often in the morning from the Yukult girls who would come selling Yakult on bicycles.

Yakult and Jelly Smoothie 6

I first had Yakult and Jelly Smoothie in a night market. The idea of mixing these two ingredients is just out of this world weird, but it was intriguing at the same time. And oh my God, this combination actually works. Not only the smoothie looks wonderful with colorful pieces of jelly in it, but it also tastes very refreshing and delightful.

Okay if you don’t have Yakult where you live, try regular yogurt drink with this recipe.

Yakult and Jelly Smoothie

Ingredients: (2 servings)

Yakult and Jelly Smoothie 1

3 Yakult (65 ml per bottle)

8 Jelly cups (You can use any flavor you like. Usually I mix them all.)

1/2 cup thin syrup (or to taste, depending on your liking)

2 cups ice


Yakult and Jelly Smoothie 4

In a blender, add ice, Yakult, syrup and 5 pieces of jelly. Blend until smooth.

Add 3 more jelly cups and roughly blend to have pieces of jelly in the texture.


Yakult and Jelly Smoothie 7


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