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Road Trip: Pune-Mysore-Kerala {December 2015}

This video came out late, but it started on Christmas 2015 at 5 in the morning when we left the house. It’s going to be another long road trip. This time we would be on the roads for 3 days, staying overnight at 3 different places in 3 different towns before we reached our destination, Kerala, just before New Year. To be honest, I needed a lot of motivation for this trip because after driving down the same roads for so many trips, it gets kind of boring. So, we planned out this trip differently, driving on different roads and checking out few new places. A beautiful fort in the city of Chitradurga, a mystique crafted underground cave, a zoo in the city of Mysore, a safari ride in National Park and Tiger Reserve, the limitless winter sky, and tons of local food were the promises of this ride.

Pune to Mysore 2015 Pic 7

Here is the route we took:

Pune–> NH 4 (toward Bangalore)–> Chitradurga (We stayed here for one night)

Chitradurga–>NH 4 (toward Bangalore)–> Sira–>NH 150A–>Srirangapatna–> Mysore (We stayed here for one night)

Mysore–> NH 212–> Bandipur National Park–> Madumalai Tiger Reserve–>Masinagudi (We stay here for a Night)

Madumalai National Park–>NH67–>Gudalur–> Kerala (Destination)

Pune to Mysore 2015 Pic 1

We became frequent travelers of National Highway 4 (Asian Highway 47) about 7 years ago when we started to drive down south with our own car. I remembered our first trip preciously because we were excited and nervous at the same time. Yaseen were just over 3 months old at that point. We actually blew up a tire on the first trip, and Sadik had to fix it on the side of the road where two trucker drivers stopped by to help us out. I also remembered that this road used to be so tranquil and enjoyable for a long drive, but every year from then, the amount of vehicles on the road seemed to double every time we travel. Now NH 4 becomes a rush and intense highway. We have to be very careful travelling on this road now.

Pune to Mysore 2015 Pic 4

This was the second time we spent a night in Chitradurga, and it’s full of surprises. First of all, we booked a room at the hotel that is supposed to be one of the best hotels in town, Amogha International Hotel. The direction led us to a very crowded market area, and we couldn’t seem to find the hotel when it was just right there. We found out later that the hotel we booked look nothing like what we saw online. It’s about 10 times worst so we decided to drive around to find another place to stay. And since Chitradurga, the city of Fort, is one of the famous tourist destinations in this state, we were positive that we would find a decent place to stay. Unfortunately, all good places we checked were all booked, which left us one desperate choice to stay at a hotel on Highway called Hotel Ravi Mayur International. See, I had a history with this hotel before, and I was very reluctant to check back in here. I stayed at this hotel about 5 years ago. What I liked about this hotel was it had an extra bed which was perfect because that time my sister was travelling with us. But what I simply didn’t like about it was how dirty it was. I remembered that there were ants on the bed last time. Yike! This time, nothing seemed to change. The bathroom is full of mold and leakage. The bed sheet had questionable stains. We asked for the change and the staff gave us a new sheet and left. Well, this was the first time we had to do our own bed while staying at the hotel. It was a nightmare. To be honest, I don’t mind staying at the humble places, but cleanliness should be the most important element in Hospitality Industry. Sadly, it’s the only place we could find at Chitradurga that day.

Pune to Mysore 2015 Pic 2

In the morning, we felt better after we checked out from the hotel. We went for a quick breakfast before going to the Chitradurga Fort. We loved spending time at the fort. It was a perfect day. Winter in India is very pleasing. The temperature is just nice and cold, but not freezing at all. It’s the best time to be outdoor and explore everywhere.

Chitradurga Fort is one of the most picturesque forts we have visited. It’s laced between the hills and still standing magnificently. We spent our morning there, walking and taking pictures. It’s spacious so even though there were a lot of people, it was still peaceful.

Pune to Mysore 2015 Pic 3

Later, we drove out of the town for about 10 km to an archaeological site called Ankali Mutt, a cave temple of Chandravalli. This place is amazing!!!!! It’s beautiful and mysterious. I will talk about it and upload the video on YouTube later.

Then we left for Mysore City in Karnataka State of India. But before that we decided to drive to Srirangapatna and visit Brindravan Garden. This was actually a big bummer because it was super crowded. We actually spent more than 40 minutes to wait for parking, and there were too many people. I guess it was because of the long holidays that drove everyone there. You know what it was actually like? It’s like the scene at a concert; I’m not kidding!

We spent a night in Mysore, and this hotel, Hotel Sunshine, is very hospitable. And woohoo, we actually got a nice and decent room to stay that night. But there was one hectic though; we had to wait for about an hour to check in because the room wasn’t available when we arrived. It’s okay because we adjusted the wait by going for dinner and came back to the hotel later.

Pune to Mysore 2015 Pic 5

Next day, we visited the zoo. And whoa, Mysore Zoo is really spacious and cool. Marvelous! I will have a long video about this. It’s a perfect place to spend time with your family here.

After visiting the zoo, we drove to Bandipur Tiger Reserve and Madumalia National Park, where we saw a lot of elephants and deer. We stayed at a beautiful resort called the Nest Inn Resort in a quiet town of Masinagudi where the view of the giant mountains of Ooty greeted us. We loved this place. It’s beautiful and reasonable.

In the morning, we did our own safari tour in Madumalia National Park and we continued driving to Kerala. We reached Kerala in the afternoon. What a fun trip! Oh my God, I wrote too much even when I tried to be super tight about it.

Pune to Mysore 2015 Pic 6

Anyway, I will tell you more about all these places in details in the coming posts with fun videos on Youtube that I guarantee you will enjoy very much.

This trip taught us a lot about how to deal with unforeseen hiccups. We embraced them and just had to always remember that all of these were worth it in the end because we got to travel and see things we have never seen before. This trip also inspired me to make a list of all places we love from our trips, and we would love for you to share yours on our space as well 🙂


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