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New Video: Chitradurga Fort

Hello guys, so here is the first video of our recent road trip from Pune to Kerala. Our first stop is Chitradurga. We spent a night here, and in the morning we visited Chitradurga Fort. This place is beautiful so we want to share a little experience with you guys.

Chitradurga Fort is a glorious historical site in Chitradurga District of Karnataka State of India. It was built between the 17th and 18th centuries by different dynasties in this region.

This fort is beautifully and functionally designed and built with beautiful light-colored rocks. There are interconnecting water tanks built to harvest rain water. There are 19 temples in this fort, 18 on the upper level and one in a lower level. There is also a masjid which was added during Hyder Ali, the Islamic Ruler of this region.

Today, Chitradurga Fort becomes an important tourist destination of this town. It’s a great place to spend a day with family and a perfect place for educational tour. It’s well-maintained by the Archaeological Department of India.

Here is the video. We hope you enjoy it.

Chitradurga Fort

Watch Chitradurga Fort on Youtube here

Thank you for watching.

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