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Ankali Mutt

Ankali Mutt or Chadravalli Cave Temple is an archeological site in the district of Chitradurga, Karnataka State of India. The cave existed since prehistoric period, and it was later developed by the rulers of this region. It is semilunar in shape with many chambers and passages slithered underground. Ankali Mutt was used for meditation for the saints, and it was an important secret meeting location for the King and his advisers.

The cave is located underground with the depth goes up to 80 feet. It was dark so it’s impossible for us to take pictures so we decided to make a video for you guys. This place is really unique and interesting, and we did our best to capture important details in the cave. Also, we added some subtitle for our guide’s narration because he is speaking in Kannada, the local dialect of this region. Sadik knows a little bit of this language so he translated it.

You need to hire an experience guide to take you inside the cave because it’s completely dark and confusing down there. You should never go in alone because of the high possibility that you will get lost which might ultimately lead to suffocation. The tour will take about 30 minutes, and you should be prepared to deal with narrow dark places. You need a flashlight. Our guild has one, and I use my camera light to help a little.

Now, please enjoy the video 🙂

Ankali Mutt

Watch Ankali Mutt on Youtube here

ankali mutt 2

Thank you for watching and see you in our next video 🙂


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