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Homeschool Art Class for Yaseen

The other day Sadik told me that I should get an award for someone who watched the most number of horror movies ever. I don’t know if I truly deserve it, but I can say I watched all horror movies I could possibly find to the point that English horror movies were out of stock for me, and I have to start watching horror movies in other languages with subtitles. Does my movie taste consider an obsession? I don’t prefer watching other types of movies. Okay, that’s not entirely true. I can still lightly enjoy Sci-fi movies sparingly. But horror movies are life and blood for me. I have dedicated Friday to be my Paranormal Story Search. I wrote a couple of post about that before, but lately my Fridays have been only about me watching horror movies all day.

Yaseen art class 6 copy

Everyone has such a good mood on Fridays. For me, it’s about the luxury of watching horror movies or reading scary articles online all day long. For most people, Fridays are hopeful, the already beginning of yearning relaxing weekend. For Sadik and Yaseen, Fridays mean late night on the couch of the upcoming unplanned schedule. We are not a very organized family so our weekends involve grocery shopping and whatever I want to do in between. Some weeks are productive because we drive out of town for hiking.

Yaseen art class 2 copy

Then I thought of my weekends when I was young. I think people are taking things for granted so much these days. When I was a kid, weekends were the ultimate occasions of excitements full of outdoor adventures and creative productions. We could be unsupervised to scout the woods and made our wild imaginations come true. Other weeks, we could be helping on family projects which we would feel really proud of later, and unknowingly, we acquired some skills in the process.

Yaseen art class 1 copy

I remembered one particular project which my friends and I helped a local kindergarten painted the whole premise. We were only about 7 years old, and the project was led by a group of university students. They drew flowers, trees and animals on the walls and let us paint on them. It was such a fun weekend, and I was particularly astounded to see what colors could do to the blank walls. From then, I began to love painting, and even though I had never been technically trained, I was confident enough to grab a paint brush and create stuff.

Yaseen art class 4 copy

Yaseen had always shown interest in art as well. If you ask him right now “what you want to be when you grow up?” he would answered “a painter and a chef.” Although his interest came from cartoons and games, but I could see the potential on his skill. A lot of time, he wows me with his drawing skill, and I really want to support him.

He has art class in school which he enjoys very much, but I think maybe we can add the extra painting lessons which he can enjoy on our uncertain weekends. We are lucky to live in the era of information technologies and a lot of lessons and tutorials are freely available online. I think people can do well with homeschooling these days if they’re disciplined and determined. With my little art knowledge and this flourished bank of online information, I planned a little art class for Yaseen at home.

So now my Friday, is not only about horror movies anymore, but it includes designing and planning the art class for Yaseen. And surprisingly, these two projects seem to accommodate one another well. How? Since he is my son, you shouldn’t be surprised that he is very much interested in some kind of paranormal stuff. He loves to paint zombies, robots, and some things quite dark. So I’m happy to arrange an eerie painting work and fun steampunk projects for him. See how all these fit into my Friday routine perfectly.

Yaseen art class 5 copy

This weekend, he will be finishing this little painting. If you’re interested, found the online tutorial here. We adjusted the tone of the painting to be a little darker for his taste. I can’t wait to show you the result.

Yaseen art class 3 copy

I think Art can potentially helps us open up to a lot of things. It improves your creativity process, and it makes you appreciate the beautiful around you. Two best things in the whole wide world you can give to your kid are your emotional support and your time. So if your kids are interested in something, I think it will be wonderful for you to support them. If they love sport, let’s go play together. If they love reading, let’s hangout in library. And it’s absolutely fine if they don’t want to do anything but sit next to you. As parents, we are always lucky to have our little irrevocable best friends who we can always rely on spending some quality time with.


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