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Almond Milk

Tell me something… do you guys believe in cold-pressed juice? I think cold-pressed juice is healthy, and I’ve known its claim to be more nutritious than regular juice. Cold-pressed juice believers explained to me once that the blades in a regular juicer generate heat which destroys natural nutrients and enzymes in the juice, so cold- pressed juice is better because it’s cold pressed. But here is my issue— I think cold-pressed juice or any juice can be good only if it’s made and served immediately. I don’t understand the over-priced bottles of juice that have been sitting on the chilling shelves for days no matter how colorful and fresh-looking they are. I could be wrong, but I think making juice at home is better than buying bottled cold-pressed juice from supermarkets. And the 200 ml bottle of those things cost more than a kilo of delicious juicy apple. Please let me know what you guys know about this.

Almond Milk 7

Speaking of expensive healthy drink, almond milk is another one that is quite high-priced. Sadik and I try to avoid dairy products so we use almond milk in our coffee. We recently used it in our Pumpkin Latte as well, and it was so good. I love the creaminess and nuttiness of almond milk, but it costs about 8-10 times more than cow milk. Haw, why healthy food has to be so expensive!

Almond Milk 9

Anyway, I hate to give up on indulging in something good so I make my own almond milk which is far more yummy than the store-bought. And later I can use the leftover almond meal to make Almond-Honey Crumble for snack and breakfast.

Almond Milk 1

Almond Milk


2 cups organic almonds

3 cups water + more for washing and soaking


Almond Milk 2

Wash almonds really well.

Almond Milk 3

Add water and soak them over night.

Almond Milk 4

Wash and rinse the soaked almonds in running water.

Almond Milk 5

Combine almonds with 3 cups of water in the blender. Blend on high speed for 3 minutes.

Almond Milk 6

Strain and reserve the creamy almond milk. You may add more water if you want thinner consistency.

Almond Milk 8

Now you can enjoy your fresh almond milk or keep refrigerated up to 2 days.


Don’t throw away the almond meal. You can add lots of honey to it and bake on the low heat for 2 hours to get delicious Almond Honey Crumble. This is good for breakfast when you add it on cold fruits and yoghurt, or you can snack on it on the run; I always do that before gym.


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