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Throwing 3 Items Away Everyday

It takes a lot more courage to say NO. I bet most of you heard this quote many times before. The hard truth is it’s not easy, sometimes, to stand up for yourself and to realize what you truly deserve. It’s not just about saying no to people or situations, but saying no to items is equally difficult. It’s required a lot of valuation and self-examination to understand what’s important in your life.

I have been saying no to many material items lately. I find that it becomes easier when you started to understand the other side of freedom. I always thought being equipped with stuff will make me efficient, productive and success which lead to freedom to do anything I want. But now I realize that a lot of stuff can actually weight me down and distract me to go after things that I want.

When I had tons of clothes, I used to feel like I had nothing to wear. It’s such a cliché; I know right? But it’s basically how I was. I bought new clothes every other week, and I still felt like I didn’t have enough so I ended up shopping more. Last year when I attend a professional event with Sadik, we thought that I had nothing to suit the event. We went out to buy an expensive jacket for me. When we reached home, I had to spend hours to find the right outfit to match the jacket. I even found that I could have borrowed my mom’s jacket so I didn’t have to spend Rs. 7,000 for something to wear on just one night.

Now when I stepped inside the minimalist lifestyle, I think and act differently about buying stuff. I can say “no” immediately and easily now that I know the functional value of the things I own. In my minimalism journey, I’ve worked on decluttering my wardrobe. The first step in doing this is to define my style. I started to throw away stuff that doesn’t fit me. I got rid of trendy clothing and accessories that didn’t look good on me. I only keep quality clothes that speak my personality. And it becomes so easy for me to find things to wear and be happy about it all the time. Now that I realize I have enough clothes, I stop buying new clothes completely. I won’t buy until some things won’t work for me anymore so I have to replace them.

Wardrobe decluttering is one example of the journeys I’ve adopted in minimalist lifestyle. I did the same thing to my household items, personal care products, home decor stuff and even groceries. When you think of getting rid of many things at once, it’s quite scary. Very scary really. But what was I scared about? Throwing away stuff can’t be that hard! The truth is sometimes we get unnecessarily attached to items. We’re afraid that without these mementos to remind, we will forget. But in the simplest reality— if it’s really important enough, we will remember it.

It’s overwhelming to throw things that have been in your life for years so I came up with a challenge to throw 3 things away every day until I feel absolutely free of excesses.

So these three items can be anything you want to get rid of, big or small, that are not included in your daily trash. So they’re not plastic bags or banana peels, but they’re real solid items that occupied important space in your home. And every part of your home is important by the way.

minimalism 1

I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, because after a while, you when there are fewer items, the decisions are going to be harder. There will be a lot of stuff that you think you like or love, but they have no use in your life anymore. However, this challenge is flexible and it should be easy. You will not throw away anything you love. If it’s important, then it’s important, and you won’t get rid of it. But this is after the deliberate contemplation whether the item is really that important.

To me, the item is important when it adds value into my life.

So I have been throwing 3 items out of my house every day. It’s so funny I still have tons of things to go through. Can you believe I kept sugar sachets from a flight I took 8 years ago. Yep, I think I had a serious hoarding problem. I also gave away the tiny Yaseen’s shoes that are super super super cute. This was a hard one, but I knew I made the right choice.

I feel good after throwing stuff out of my house. I feel lighter. And this might sound stupid, but I actually feel taller. I feel that my house is cleaner, and I become less clingy to things. I feel independent, and having things becomes less significant. Because now every single object in my life has a purpose, it adds value, and it absolutely belongs here.


15 comments to Throwing 3 Items Away Everyday

  • Mandar

    Do away with the things that you don’t want to make space for the things that you need in your life. This sounds easy; but practically it is one of the most difficult task. I’m glad to see you made it a daily deliberate action!! without that it is hard to achieve.

    I did this couple of years ago and at the end I felt I really need so much less and I can live with it happily, it was an eye opener. Now, I do it every six months!!

    • Tes

      Thanks, Mandar! I think the journey to minimalism really makes me feel light and efficient. It allows me to go after things that are important without clutters in my home distracting me. Throwing unnecessary items from my home really gives me a clear mind, and it’s very important to me because I work at home. I love the idea of the big clean every six months, too. It helps evaluate your possessions and priorities 🙂

  • You’ve got great discipline! How long are you thinking of keeping it up?

    I’m doing a similar thing but in a concentrated 21-day minimalist challenge (inspired by the #minsgame – day 1, throw away 1 item / day 2, 2 items / day 3, 3 items etc).

    • Tes

      Hahaha, thanks 🙂 I think what makes it works for me is how I try to make it as easy for me as possible by getting rid of smallest stuff first. It can be papers, magazines, old plastic containers that I’ve kept for years. I even count paperclips,a sock that doesn’t have the other one to become a pair, pencils, etc… just anything, as long as they are solid items. And my situation is quite bad to begins with, like I mentioned that I used to save even sugar sachets from airlines. So it’s quite easy for me to get rid of them now that I know better. I do realize that it will be harder to make a decision after a while. Also to find the point of stopping throwing stuff will be even more difficult because I’m not sure yet how little I want to have.

      • That sounds like a really good strategy. I employed it myself when I wanted to eat more healthy. I started but slightly reducing how much sugar i put in my morning coffee. Bit by bit I barely noticed the difference and now i don’t have any sugar in my voffee and the good habit hs bled over into other areas. It feels much more sustainable than tring to make a dramatic change.

        I’d love to hear how the journey goes, so it would be great if you can keep writing about it every now and then.

        • Tes

          I already feel really good about this journey. In a way, Minimalism is like exorcism for my messy home. I can say that every morning when I throw away these unnecessarily 3 items, it feels liberated. Also it’s amazing how it makes me super conscious about spending because every time I pick up an item in my hands, I start to think about the moment I throw it away eventually. I will definitely share more about this journey, and I can’t wait to read more blog posts from you 🙂

  • Spring cleaning is an important part of life.

  • We tend to accumulate a lot of things. It’s a great idea to get rid of some of them.

  • This makes so much sense, and I think I’ll start with my closet! 🙂

    • Tes

      Priyanka, it really does. I used to have tons of clothes I have never never used. I noticed that I only use 3-4 outfits tops, but my closet was so cluttered and full. It’s good to make our space free, clean and have room for what we really want 🙂

  • This is such an inspiration. I know, by doing this, not only it cleans home, it also cleans the mind, like in Zen terms they mean. Gosh am so inspired… but am a bit more cocooned to it. So not three, I shall start with one and then progress step-wise monthly. But thanks you Tes, this was a worthy of reading post.

    • Tes

      Thanks, Tara. And one is a good start. Also with the items we get rid of, you should also look into other non material items that clutter your life as well. Something like plans, ideas, bad relationships or even unnecessary media consumption. I find that evaluating these things and removing things that don’t do you any good can make you feel really free and light. For example, I stop listening and partaking in gossips. It really clears my mind 🙂

  • […] rules don’t work for me because I love to be comfortable and at ease. I’m taking it slow by throwing 3 items away every day. You can read about that in my previous post. There are still many things to be disposed, and I […]

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