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Why I Chose Minimalism?

I have short attention span. I cannot concentrate. I know some of you guys can relate to this. I always jump from one thing to another so the amount of unfinished projects and ideas are always around me. It’s very difficult for me to stick to one thing. I am incapable of managing my priorities. I cannot concentrate for long. Sometimes it’s very overwhelming… exhausting actually.

My lifestyle reflects my personality very clearly. My home looks exactly like the inside of my brain. I have tons of stuff, unfinished projects, clothes, and oh my god, everything lying around the house. It’s a big mess. Now and then, I get charged so I clean the house until everything is sparkling. The problem is things seem to crawl out of the shelves and scatter around the house again very soon. This endless cycle is super tiring, let me tell you!

Minimalism 3

One day, I started to look for tips to clean and keep the house organized. After browsing for a while, I came across the topic of Minimalism. I heard about this concept before, but I didn’t really pay much attention. I used to think Minimalism is the art of having a big white empty room. I thought a minimalist is poor and rigid. But here’s the fact:

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a tool to be rid of excess so you can concentrate on what’s important. It’s vital to understand that minimalism is not about having less or being restricted, and it’s absolutely not against materialism. Minimalism is about being aware and conscious about your possessions.

Importance of Minimalism

What do we really need in life? The answer might surprise you when you can be truly honest with yourself. It’s easy to forget to realize that we are a part of a very dynamic and vigorous growth in a limited and fragile ecosystem. Every tiny decision is a chain reaction leading to the health of our environment. So the more you have and consume, the less it is left for others.

Minimalism helps us live a sustainable life. By getting rid of excess, you become more mobile and free. Minimalism clears clutters from your home and your life, and it rewards you with peace of mind. This peace of mind allows you to be productive and focus in what’s truly important.

How does Minimalism Help Me

This may sound melodramatic, but Minimalism to me is like Exorcism. For a lazy and messy person like me, Minimalism is a tool to purge all my demons. Demons here are clutters, laziness, junks, mess, anxiety, stress, etc. It is very simple actually. I hate cleaning. Minimalism helps reducing things in my home. Less things = less stuff to clean. Simple math!

Minimalism helps me realize I can be happier by having less. I see my wants and needs more clearly now, and I know that it takes so little to be content and whole.

How does Minimalism Change Me

One of the obvious changes in me after applying Minimalism in my life is I do not have any impulse to buy anymore. I used to shop a lot, but now I don’t anymore. In fact, for the past 2 months, I only bought 1 clothing item while usually I would buy about 4-6 new items every month. I also eat better. I shop for quality fresh produce, and cook healthier meal at home. Minimalism makes me realize that I should always choose the best for my body.

Where I am in This Journey

To be honest, I’m not racing to the end in this process. Strict rules don’t work for me because I love to be comfortable and at ease. I’m taking it slow by throwing 3 items away every day. You can read about that in my previous post. There are still many things to be disposed, and I only have to deal with 3 items daily.

There are fewer clutters in my home now, and it becomes cleaner and very relaxed. I am less attached to items. I used to cling to some sentimental items like stuff I got from friends and relatives. It’s funny how I had never liked some of the items, but because they were given by important people in my life, I over-valuated them. Now, I just throw stuff that doesn’t add value in my life. This may sound a bit heartless, but I think we cannot mix our affection toward someone with the value of the item they gave us.

My Goal

I clearly don’t have goal when it comes to Minimalism. I think all I want is to have a clean home that requires low maintenance financially and emotionally. I want to be sustainable and debt-free so we can travel and see the world a lot more.


People used to ask me: what’s the worst thing about you? The first thing that came to my mind was: I don’t recycle! I used to be an ignorant. I thought my small and insignificant action would never cause any impact on the planet or in my behavior trait. In the past, I threw things that might have been useful. On the contrary, I kept things that absolutely had no role in my life. Minimalism helps me realize that I don’t have to ever buy a garbage bag because I can use the packaging bag I got from grocery store for that. It helps me learn to keep things that I need and to throw away things that I don’t need. I cannot stress this enough that Minimalism is not about throwing away most of your belongings, but it’s about constantly valuing and being conscious about every items that you own. And that’s why… I recycle now.



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