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Fish Markets in India That We Love

Fish markets in India are the beautiful chaos of people who love the seas. If you follow us for a while now, you will know about our fascination on fish markets. I think when you love cooking, you want to go extra miles for the freshest produce. And if you love seafood, fish markets are the only places you can find the fresh catches. Sometimes they’re still alive, you know.

Barad Cole fish market 2

While navigating in the crowded fish markets in India, I found some of the most amazing sea creatures. I love experimenting, and most of the time, I ask for some of this exotic seafood. But I think the main reason I love fish markets so much is because I get to see fishermen working in action. Fish markets in India mostly operate on the beaches at specific times, usually early morning and in the evening. At these spontaneous fish markets, you can see fishermen boats come in to load the fish on the beach. They work fast and fierce. And you can almost see their sweat and bravery in their elongated shadows on the sand when they walk. Most fish markets in India also run fish auctioning, which is amazing. You should really see the crowds in action when the action starts. Everybody is yielding, biding for the best catch. Visiting fish markets also allow you to get sweet deals. You can expect cheap seafood with the best quality here.

Malvan Fish Market 5

These are some of the fish markets we visited so far in India. Every place has its own unique characters, but all of them are so vibrant and colorful. There are always lot of hard working people, tons of fresh seafood, and always the super loud, enthusiastic fish auctions!

Bharad Khol Fish Market in Diveagar

at fish market 1

We made a quick stop at Bharad Khol fish market on our way back from Diveagar. Every morning about 8 am, the boats ported near a small village where the vibrant energy has already filled the air. The women sat with their fresh displays of prawns, king mackerels, pomfrets and other variety of gorgeous fish that I couldn’t name.

Harne Fish Market

Harne fish market 1

Harne Fish Market is located on a beach next to Harnai Port, about 16 km from Dapoli, Maharashtra. There are fish auctions carry on at the beach everyday, morning at 8.30 am and in the evening around 5 pm. In this black sand beach, there are boats rested on the shore. You can see the fishermen work on their boats while making your way down to the beach. It’s amazing. Every boat is handmade and seems to have it’s own character.

Malvan Fish Market

Malvan Fish Market 7

Malvan Fish Market is situated right on the beach in the town of Malvan, Sindhudurg District of southern Maharashtra, India. The market is easy to reach, and you can bring the car to park right on the beach. If you have trouble getting there, other than using GPS, I recommend asking the locals because you might miss the sign board which is written in local language. In this trip, we stayed at Tarkarli Beach, which is  8 km away from Malvan, so it took us leisurely 15 minutes to get to the market. Malvan Fish Market operates in the evening and morning. The evening batch has more loads and the market is more alive, so it’s an ideal time to visit. There are fresh fish and other seafood selling all over the beach.

Beypore Fish Market

Fish Market, Beypore 4

The fish here are sold wholesale, but you can always get a good bargain of a small portion from the some vendors. We didn’t buy any fish that day because we were still on the stroll around town for interesting places and food. Next time for sure we will go there early at 5am and get some good fish to cook Fish Biryani.

Murudeshwar fish market


It was just about the time when the fishermen returned from the fishing trip so we stopped by the fish market just right outside the hotel. There were a lot of fish and crab came in which would be soon vanished into the local restaurants and kitchens. I too would like to work with these fresh ingredients. But we had to leave so early to catch up with another 500+ km.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 20

I think trips to fish markets in India taught me to be the most humble person I can be. It’s very intimidating and inspiring at the same time. Fish markets kind of make my relationship with food better. I respect ingredients and food because I realized the hard work that has been put to everything on my plate.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 5

So tell me about your local fish markets. I really want to hear about them, and one day I hope we can travel to see more fish markets in India and in other countries. Oh, that will be really amazing! And if you are in India, let us know about the amazing fish markets in India that we should visit. We are definitely going to go there, and then we can write more and share the stories with you guys.


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