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Trip to Kerala 2016

Kerala is Sadik’s hometown so we often fly there.  But when we have a lot of time, we always plan a wonderful long road trip to get to that beautiful paradise. I lost count of how many times we had driven to Kerala. There are multiple ways to comfortably travel to Kerala, from flights to buses and even trains. There is no direct flight from Pune to Calicut City of Kerala so we usually take a flight from SpiceJet Airlines from Pune to Cochin, and then we have to take a 4 hours taxi ride to our home in Kerala. In fact, travel by air to Kerala can save a lot of time, and it’s much cheaper than driving, but road tripping remains my favorite way to travel.

Kerala to Pune via Shivmogar picture 10

We explored so many routes from Pune to Kerala because we didn’t want to drive on the same roads all the time. The world is inspiring, and we want to see the most of it up close. Every stretch of gray concrete and dirt road led us to the most gorgeous villages and the quiet corners of nature. Every trip we took so far always gave us that unique experience that encouraged us to be better and work harder.

I love road tripping because it’s the coziest way to travel. We nuzzle in a comfortable space. We can go in our own pace— stop when we want and drive again when we are ready. It’s how I love to make a journey.

Pune- Kerala road trip 3

It’s that time of the year to drive to Kerala again. This time we will start on May 27th, and the reason we waited this long to make a trip is because we want to avoid the summer heat. By the end of May, Kerala will be showered generously with rain. Monsoon is my beloved season. It’s nostalgic and inspiring. And to me, it’s the perfect season to visit Kerala. I love the sound of rain drops dancing on the leaves of the trees around me where I can write and emerge into the fantasy of my novels. We could go out for a drive and get stuck somewhere on the unknown road and take sheltered under a small tea stall. We could sit by the windowpanes and watch the curtains of rain waving in front of a canvas of green mountains all day long.

Drive Kerala-Bangalore 6

This time, make sure you follow us on all social media and YouTube because we are sharing the whole journey with you again. Our trip is stretching from Pune to Goa and Mangalore to our hometown in central Kerala.

Kerala - Goa -Pune 10

On the first day of the trip, we are driving to Goa. It takes about 9 hours to drive from Pune to Goa, and we want to take a couple of days to enjoy the breezy Goa. My boys love this funky beach town. They love the food, the vibrant free spirits and the warm sand. It will be hard to drive away from such a beautiful place.

Pune- Kerala road trip 5

Next stop, we are going to spend a day in Mangalore. We heard about the glorious fish market in Mangalore, the humble spicy seafood, and the serene beaches. I think we are going to enjoy taking pictures and trying every new thing.

Driving from Mangalore to Kerala will be enjoyable because there are many villages and towns shuffled between the green rice fields on the highway. We could stop for delicious street food and stroll in the luscious coconut plantations.

Pune- Kerala road trip 8

In Kerala, other than spending time with family and enjoying the tempo of the rain, we will visit the beautiful national park to see what the elephants are up to in the monsoon, and it would be lovely to walk on the beach as the rain pouring down on us. Ah, there are going to be so many happy pictures in this trip.

Bangalore Night 7

For the journey back to Pune, we are going to travel to Bangalore to catch up with our friends first. We love the colorful night light on the street of Bangalore City where the clinging sound of lovely knickknacks and the smell of food purling everywhere.

Breakfast & road trip 1

Driving back to Pune on the big national highway is going to be fun. I love the rhythm of the tires on the concrete road. The acceleration makes us feel weightless so we forget all worries. Road tripping helps us live in the moment and reconnect with our inner-self. In a way, it’s very spiritual to discover what really matter to us. This is important because we are so distracted in this overwhelming city life most of the time. We don’t get a chance like this every day so we are going to cherish and make the most of it.

flower market Bangalore 10

I can’t wait to do this. Well, it’s 2 weeks away, and I already started downloading tracks for the trip. Don’t forget to connect with us on social media so we could chat and share our experience all the way through this humble journey. And tell me about your trip as well, we would love to hear all the stories.


3 comments to Trip to Kerala 2016

  • Karmveer

    Hi Tes,

    I am planning for Pune to Kerala road trip with my wife and 3 year daughter and seeking your help to plan safe and happy journey. This would be 15 days trip ( 15dec – 1st jan) and thought to cover most of the Kerala if possible. Could you please help to tell about current road condition thru costal line, safety , budget hotels for family stay , best eating points to enjoy local food, as much as information you can provide , will really help me to plan this trip.


    • Tes

      Hi Karmveer,

      I’m excited for you to take on this route. The road trip from Pune to Kerala is amazing and it’ll be a wonderful experience for your whole family. And 15 days is really the perfect amount of time to do this. I recommend you to take NH47 upto Hubli and then take SH52 to Angola. Then you can join NH66 from there. The road is not perfect, to be honest, but if you survive Pune Traffic, you can make it anywhere I believe 😛 There are some diversions and bad patches of roads here and there on the entire route, but I assure that the experience will be worth it. From Angola till Kerala, the road is good and newly expanded so you will be enjoy driving on it, but once you enter Kerala, the traffic is going to be difficult because the roads in Kerala are quite narrow and crowded all the time. Also, if you like, you can drive to Bangalore and drive back home on NH47 so you can explore the new route. I can talk about driving to Kerala all day and this reply will be so boring so maybe you can chat with us on Tes at Home facebook page. I can reply all your questions on there, and you can even ping us while traveling as well, in case you wanna ask something that time 🙂

      • Karmveer

        Hey Tes thanks for your valuable suggestions, looking for few more advice. I am planing to cover Pune to Kerala distance in 3 days so one stop goa, another mangalore and finally Kerala so please suggest any budget family hotel on this route if you are aware, don’t want enter in city.

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