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Noodle with Prawns in Black Bean Sauce

Noodle with Prawn in Black Bean Sauce is one of my favorite dishes to cook and to eat. Basically, I love anything that can be whipped up quickly and served in a big single bowl. Food like this is comforting, and I can eat it every day.

Noodle with Prawn in Black Bean Sauce 1

The great thing about simple food is it allows each component on the plate to shine, and it’s wonderful, especially, when you have fresh ingredients to work with. My mom always says that rice should taste like the mud they’re grown in, and seafood should smell like sea breeze. The seasonings should work to highlight the character of the produce, and of course, good food has to be served steamy hot.

Noodle with Prawn in Black Bean Sauce 2

We got a small crate of fresh prawns from the shore this weekend. I will tell you a funny story of how we got these prawns in the coming post. Fresh prawns need to be firm. The head should connect with the body solidly. The shells should be crystalline and glistening, and the flesh of the prawns should be clear and almost transparent. When you get something as fresh as these, you want to do so minimal to cook them. And that’s how we should work in order to treat the ingredients with respect.

Noodle with Prawn in Black Bean Sauce


400 gm Prawns –peeled and deveined

200 gm rice noodle- soaked in water for 30 minutes

3 cloves garlic- crushed

2 tbsp black bean paste

½ tbsp sugar

4 cups vegetable stock- boiling hot

1 tsp ground white pepper

1 ½ tbsp corn flour- dissolved in water

Chopped green onion for garnishing

1 tbsp vegetable oil


In a large pan, heat oil and saute garlic until aromatic. Add prawns, black bean paste and sugar. Give it a quick stir. This step should take about 10 seconds or so.

Add hot vegetable stock and bring to boil quickly so you won’t overcook the prawns.

Thicken the broth with corn flour solution.

Turn off the heat and add ground white pepper.

In a big pot of boiling hot water, blanch rice noodle until cooked and soft.

To serve, add cooked noodle in a bowl and ladle some hot thick prawns in black bean sauce on top of it. Garnish with some green onion and serve immediately.


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