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If Life Was Perfect | Day 1 in Kerala

If Life was perfect, it would be very boring. You know… like those predictable movies that make you want to skip the whole thing to the very end. We have learned to take disappointments as life lessons. When we think of it like that, we never really feel like we have missed anything. So many things happened in this trip so I’m still thinking about how to start telling you the story.

Malpe Fish Market 1

We are in Kerala right now. Actually we’ve just reached our home in this beautiful state a couple of nights ago, after spending 2 nights on the road. If you followed us on social media, you would probably see a lot of pictures and stuff we shared on the way. Nothing is ever really like how we have planned it, and I can’t wait to tell you about the whole story.

We drove from Pune to Goa, then Goa to Udupi, and finally Udupi to Kerala. Our original plan was to stop in Mangalore, but well, life isn’t perfect. I will be uploading these stories on youtube as well, but you will have to wait to see the videos in 2 weeks because we are basically living on the mountain right now. We don’t have strong internet connection. I will do my best to keep you guys updated with our daily life in Kerala.

There’s so much to tell, and here are the highlight of our trip

1. Late Start


We wanted to start our trip at 5 am, but ultimately we drove out of the house at 7 am. We forgot few things including cash for tolls and first aid kit, but we decided to take it easy. Although we are super punctual in other areas of our life, we can’t seem to ever start our road trips on time.

2.  Breakfast on Highway

Poha 1

We had hearty breakfast on the highway near the town of Kolhapur. Upuma, Sheera, and Poha are our favorite food at this place.

3.  SH 130

Ghat 1

We went off the comfortable highway to explore the new terrain in State Highway 130 after crossing the town of Belguam. The road was super bad, but we enjoyed the scenery very much.

4.  The Taste of Goa

fish thali

Food in Goa is very fresh and flavorful. The colorful traditional fish meal set, Fish Thali, is my favorite thing to order at the moment.

5.  Arambol Beach

arambol beach 1

So we arrived at Arambol Beach Goa, and it wasn’t as how we imagined it to be. Our friends suggested this place as a clean and peaceful beach. The beach was crowded and it wasn’t as clean as we expected. We found ourselves laughing about this all evening.

6.  The Nightmare of Non AC Hotel Room

arambol beach 2

We have learned that we should always book an air conditioned room in coastal areas. Heat and humidity almost knocked us out at night. We recently had the same experience in Diveagar Beach Town, but it looked like we hadn’t learned anything.

7.  The Bitterness of Sweet Water Lake

arambol 3

Sadik was very eager to see the Sweet Water Lake in Arambol so he forced us to wake up early to make a visit. After 15 minutes walk along the shoreline, we found out that the lake was nothing like how we dreamed of it. The lake was spoiled, garbage and stuff floating on the surface. We hope it get cleaned up soon.

8.  Yaseen’s Wrong Navigation

yaseen wrong navigation

Yaseen was in charged of handling navigation app on a phone, but he tried to do his own thing, changing the route and diverting the plan, and we got lost a bit.

9.  Palolem Beach

palolem beach 1

Palolem Beach is in the south of Goa. The bright blue sky was gorgeous, and white sand felt really good under our feet. It was beautiful.

10. Seafood

Polem Beach 4

There are a lot of beach front restaurants serving fresh and delicious seafood at Palolem Beach.

11.  Polem Beach

Polem Beach 2

Polem Beach has crazy strong waves. It was not crowded so we love this place a lot.

12.  Coffee Break

coffee break

We stopped at Cafe Coffee Day whenever we found one on the highways because the outlets have clean restroom facility, and we love ice coffee on road trip.

13.  A Good Night Sleep in Udupi

Pune- Kerala road trip 4

We finally got a decent room to sleep. I slept so deep that night. Room service was Indo-Chinese food and kebabs.

14.  Malpe Fish Market

Malpe Fish Market 2

Some people called us Fish Market Freak. Maybe we are. Maybe we really are. We are super obsessed with fish markets, and we have to visit every place we know about on our trip.

15.  Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach 2

The sand here is the most gorgeous I have ever seen. We had the best time.

16.  Udupi Breakfast

breakfast in bangalore 2

Food in the south is so hearty and homey. South Indian breakfast is our kind of food. It’s light, fresh and perfect for road trip.

17. The Accident

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 17

Thank God nothing was serious. We got in an accident on Highway in Kerala section. There were 5 cars involved, but we got lucky that nobody got hurt badly. Our trunk was rammed pretty bad so we will need to fix it when we are back in Pune.

18.  Indigestion

indigestion 1

Indigestion is a part of road trip. I’m sure junk food and sodas are responsible for that. But we are very reckless when it comes to eating while traveling.

19. The Traffic

Kerala to Pune via Shivmogar picture 7

You will hear about this from Sadik. He will tell you about all the dirty detail about driving in Kerala. Traffic was madness in here, and it seemed like we stuck there for one hundred years!

20. Home Sweet Home

Malpe Beach 1

It feels amazing to be home. I love food, and yes, it is raining right now like how I want it.

Today we took the kids (Yaseen’s cousins) to the mall. We had junk food and ice cream, we shopped a lot, and we played arcade games. We didn’t do anything much today because we still feel pretty tired from the trip and we are adjusting to the intense humidity of the south. Hopefully tomorrow we can explore more. Sadik wants to go fishing so we will see what will happen.


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