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We are Fasting in Ramadan 2016

Ramadan is the holy fasting month observed by Muslims. In 2016, it starts on the 2nd week of June, and the fast will be for 30 days. During the month of Ramadan, it is prohibited to eat and drink from dawn till sunset. And while you are observing the fast, you should be strengthening your belief and spirituality. The most important objectives of fasting in the month of Ramadan are to experience hunger and to be grateful about your life so you can help others who are less fortunate. Ramadan teaches the importance of kindness and simplicity, and it’s a subject that is so closest to our hearts.

Ramadan 1

Ramadan is the 9th month of the lunar calendar. Toward the end of Ramadan, people pay Sakat, which is a mandatory wealth tax to help underprivileged people.

Ramadan is very important to me this year because I want to contribute something good and give back to the community.


Ramadan 2

Before the time of sunrise to sunset, we don’t drink or eat anything. We keep good and peaceful thoughts in our minds. We always look for an opportunity to help others and do good deeds. We pray and keep our minds in the graceful state.


ramadan 4

While fasting, you are going to be tired so it’s advised to take it easy. In fact, in most Middle East countries, it’s a vacation time. You should not do anything that is going to drain you out of energy like running a marathon, but at the same time you should go on living and taking care of all your responsibilities.


Silent Valley Kerala 18

One of the most important parts of Ramadan is the long night prayers while the routine prays should be punctual and heartfelt. The prayers soothe your mind and make you a better person.


ramadan 5

Iftar is a feast after breaking the fast, just after the time of sunset. The 4th call of the day to prayer marks the end of fasting each day. The warm and nutritious meal will be spread on the table. It is here where you value the food and life more.


Fish Market, Beypore 3

There are two kind of Sakat, the mandatory taxes to be given to underprivileged people in the community, wealth tax and living tax. While wealth tax is to be given once in a year, people usually choose Ramadan to pay this tax. A specific percentage of the accumulated wealth is to be given to the community. Living tax is given on the first day of month after Ramadan as a portion of the food, usually grains, to the people who need support in the community.

Silent Valley Kerala 17

Today is the first day of Ramadan here in Kerala. We have just broke our first day fast, and I’m feeling overwhelmed and grateful. I’m looking forward to the simple days fill with kindness ahead. And of course, I’m looking forward to the delicious feast at the end of each day.


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