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How to Cut a Jackfruit

Jackfruit is glorious tropical fruit with thick spiky skin and yellow soft flesh inside. It looks similar to durian fruit, but the skin is much softer.  Jackfruit has strong sweet fruity aroma, and the fruit can grow as gigantic as 35 kg and more. Jackfruits are grown all over Asia, and the juicy sweet golden pulps can be used in dessert while the raw firm flesh is cooked as vegetable.

How to Cut a Jackfruit 1

Rain hits the southern states of India generously this year as natural produce floods the bushels in every market. Jackfruits are among the seasonal foods that are harvested at the moment. Dozens of jackfruits hang on the brunches. Some of the trees are flourished with hundreds of fruits. It’s astonishing to see how bountiful nature can be.

How to Cut a Jackfruit 2

We just came back from our vacation in Kerala. Our land in Kerala is graced with beautiful natural fruits like mangoes, jackfruits and coconuts. Everything is organically grown, and no fertilizer or any pesticide is used in this fertile land. We brought 2 jackfruits back to Pune. While driving back, the perfume of the jackfruits took over our car. It was really amazing, you know, to drive in the rain with the fainted sweet scent swirls around us all through the journey.

Today I cut one of the jackfruits opened. It was a massive one, and we got a lot of jackfruit pulps to share with friends. Cutting jackfruit is such a messy process, but it’s very fun and rewarding. Here’s how I did it.

What You Need

A Mat

How to Cut a Jackfruit 3

You need a mat to confine all the mess and to prevent the sticky stuff to get to your surface. Use an old mat, plastic sheet, newspapers or old jute sack.

Sharp Knife, Coconut Oil, Clean Container

How to Cut a Jackfruit 4

You need a firm big sharp knife to cut the jackfruit, coconut oil or vegetable oil to oil your knife and hands, and clean containers to collect the jackfruit flesh.

A Stick

How to Cut a Jackfruit 11

You need a stick to remove the sticky latex from the core of the fruit when it’s cut opened.

How to Cut

How to Cut a Jackfruit 5

Oil your knife and cut the jackfruit in halves.

How to Cut a Jackfruit 6

Remove the sticky latex with a stick.

How to Cut a Jackfruit 7

Cut the jackfruit further into quarters.

How to Cut a Jackfruit 9

Keep your knife oiled, and slice off the core of the jackfruit.

How to Cut a Jackfruit 8

Oil your hands and carefully remove the pulps one by one.

How to Cut a Jackfruit 10

Store your jackfruit pulps in clean containers.

You can eat the flesh right away, chill it in refrigerator, or freeze it for later.

I freeze 2 batches of jackfruit in Ziploc bags. Sadik took them to his office, and we ate the rest of it in the evening. Jackfruit is one of my favorite fruits, and the smell of it reminds me so much of Thai desserts. My house smells like tropical forest today, and I feel really at home right now. I plan to make Thai Coconut and Jackfruit Ice Cream soon so stay tuned if you like a refreshing, light and healthy ice cream.

How to Cut a Jackfruit 12

Oh, by the way, don’t throw away the seeds. They can be used in curry or cooked and eaten as snack.


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