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Thai Eggplant Dip

Thai Eggplant Dip is spicy gooey delicious dip loaded with fresh herbs and chilies. This dish is prominently cooked in Laos and northeast region of Thailand. It is served with sticky rice and fresh or steamed vegetable. It is one of the first dishes I learned to make when I was a kid. I remember how my dad used to add some eggplants in the bottom part of the sticky rice steamer. And by the time the rice was cooked, the eggplants would be almost falling apart. Traditionally, Thai Eggplant Dip is made in mortar with a pestle to mash and mix all the ingredients together.

Thai Eggplant Dip 17

The key of cooking Thai Eggplant Dip is to use freshest ingredients you can find and to be generous with the seasoning. Be bold and confident about using chilies and fish sauce. I love to think that chili, lime and fish sauce is like a Three Musketeers of Thai Cuisine. Once these 3 ingredients combined, your senses are heightened as the flavor in the dish incorporated.

Thai Eggplant Dip 18

Thai Eggplant Dip


Thai Eggplant Dip 1

250 gm Eggplants (Apple Eggplant is preferred, but this is what I can find here in India)

5 cloves of garlic (small cloves)

4 Thai Shallots

1 tomato

Juice of 1 lime

1 tsp sugar

1 ยฝ tbsp fish sauce

2 tbsp chopped fresh coriander leaves

2 tbsp chopped fresh mint leaves

4 fresh or dried red chilies (use as per your spice intolerant)


Thai Eggplant Dip 2

Remove the stems, wash and clean the eggplants.

Thai Eggplant Dip 9

Boil Eggplants for 20 minutes or until they are soft.

Thai Eggplant Dip 4

In a dry pan, roast shallots, garlic and chilies for 5-7 minutes. If the chilies started to become dark in color, remove them from the pan. Continue roasting shallots and garlic until they are slightly charred and aromatic.

Thai Eggplant Dip 6

Quarter the tomato and roast it on the pan until smoky and soft.

Thai Eggplant Dip 3

In a mortar (here I use a steel bowl), add chilies, garlic and shallots and pound them with a pestle to release the flavor.

Thai Eggplant Dip 5

The chilies, garlic and shallots should break apart easily.

Thai Eggplant Dip 7

Add pan-roasted tomato.

Thai Eggplant Dip 8

Pound until the tomato is broken into small pieces.

Thai Eggplant Dip 11

Now add the cooked eggplants. Pound and mix them into other ingredients.

Thai Eggplant Dip 13

Add sugar, lime and fish sauce.

Thai Eggplant Dip 14

Pound and mix further until all ingredients are mixed. The texture of the dip should be smooth yet having pieces of ingredients mixed together.

Thai Eggplant Dip 15

Add coriander and mint.

Thai Eggplant Dip 16

Mix well, check the seasoning and served with rice or vegetable.


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