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Pune to Goa

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing wonderful. Here in Pune, it’s the beginning of rainy season. And if you followed us on social media, you would probably know that we’ve just come back from our annual southern road trip. This time, not only we drove down to Kerala, we also spent a couple of days in Goa.

And here is our first video of this trip. We drove from Pune to Goa. We started on the good old National Highway No. 4, and then we tried to explore new route on State Highway 130 just outside the town of Belgaum. We went to the beach and ate a lot of Fish Thali. Check out our video and I hope you enjoy it.

Pune to Goa

Watch Pune to Goa on Youtube here…

Ghat 1

In the next video, we are going to take you around Goa before getting back on the road to our next destination, Udupi, Karnataka State of India.


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