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Beaches in Goa and a Drive to Udupi

We were tired, but I didn’t sleep at all that night in Goa. The boys were snoring, and I felt really irritated because of the humidity. We decided to stay close to the beach in a budget hotel which we paid Rs. 1,000 for a room. We were the only people in that hotel. It was an off-season. Most shops and restaurants were closed. So silent. The hotel didn’t even have an AC, and we were told that the weather was so nice that we wouldn’t need it. They were wrong. I got out of the bed many times to splash water in my face. I couldn’t sleep. It felt suffocated.

arambol beach 2

I was eager to get out of the room in the morning. I decided that it was worth having a safe place to stay for a night. Now I could explore the beaches and be on my way.

Arambol Beach

We were in Arambol Beach. Funny story! Sadik’s friends suggested this beach. They said it was clean and peaceful. And since last time we missed the calm side of Goa, we decided that it was the perfect place. I wanted to swim in the ocean. My mom always tells me to swim in the sea at least once a year to rejuvenate my skin and strengthen my bones. I was looking forward to doing that. When we arrived, there were a lot of people. The beach wasn’t as pristine as we expected. It’s hilarious sometimes how we can always laugh when things go wrong. Maybe Arambol Beach was good when our friends were here months and years ago.

Arambol Beach 1

The sand wasn’t white and the water wasn’t sparkling. I told the boys to go ahead and swim as I sat on the beach and waited for the sun to disappear.

Arambol Beach 2

Arambol is a beach in North Goa. It used to be a traditional fisherman village, but now the beach is commercialized to a budget family beach destination in Goa. There are a lot of resorts and hotels around here, and they are quite cheap. There are also a lot of restaurants and shops selling colorful beach wears and handicrafts. The beach is packed with people enjoying swimming and relishing seafood on the beach shacks.

Sweet Water Lake

Sweet Water Lake 1

Sweet Water Lake is a small lake on the other side of Arambol Beach. It is accessible by walk. You can stroll along the shoreline until you find it. That’s only a 15 minute walk on a pair of comfortable shoes.

Sweet Water Lake 2

Well guys, the Sweet Water Lake didn’t look as nice as how we imagined it either. It needed a lot of clean-up. Maybe we were there in an off-seasoned so it wasn’t maintained. So we left.


Breakfast South

We were on National Highway 66 driving to South Goa. I was surprised that it was quite difficult to find breakfast on this route. But then we found a small restaurant which served South Indian food. This kind of food is such a life saver in India, don’t you think?

Palolem Beach

palolem beach 3

Palolem Beach is one of the most famous beaches in South Goa. The beach is serene and clean. There are a lot of restaurants and resorts lined up on the shores, and everything is really well-organized at the same time.

palolem beach 1

There is parking facility, and tons of shops leading to the entrance of the beach. The beach has white sand, and the water is clear. So lovely!

palolem beach 5

We really wanted to swim, but we were there during high noon, and the sun was boiling hot. We really wished we could spend more time there. Actually we contemplated on staying here for a night instead of just driving to our next destination in Karnataka.


Polem Beach 8


We sat at the beach front restaurant in Palolem Beach. It’s lovely and chill. The beach was in front of us. The floor was sand so we removed our shoes and sank our feet in it.

palolem beach 7

And oh my God, we could do one more Fish Thali before leaving town. This one was amazing in terms of quality and quantity. It was fresh and delicious.

palolem beach 8

We also had some seafood fried rice which was loaded with prawns, calamari and fish. Chili Prawn was so juicy and full of flavor. I think we should always eat seafood on the beach. How amazing that would be!

palolem beach 9

Yaseen had Seafood Marinara which he couldn’t finish. It’s so good, fresh, and the portion was outrageously huge.

palolem beach 6

Then we had fruit punch and relaxed until we decided we should keep driving.

Polem Beach

Polem Beach 6

Polem Beach is an isolated beach in South Goa. The beach located just after the toll plaza on NH66. It’s still not commercialized. The beach is clean, but the waves are very strong so the life guards warned us not to get in the water at all.

Polem Beach 7

I noticed there are some people and their surf boards on the other side of the beach. It looked like they waited for the right moment to touch the ocean.

Polem Beach 5

Polem Beach is a secluded place, and if you love the peaceful nature, this place is yours.

Driving to Udupi

In our original plan, we wanted to stay in Murudeshwar. We remembered a small fish market right in front of one of the temple there so we wanted to pack some fish and carry them to Kerala. We even had our cooler box with us. But then we couldn’t find a room there, so we had to drive another 3 hours to Udupi.


We didn’t regret that decision at all because we loved this comfortable stretch of road. The expansion of NH66 in Karnataka is almost finished, and we could make it to Udupi swiftly. We arrived at our hotel at night. Super tired. Our dinner was a mix of Indo- Chinese food and kebabs. We were so full. And God, finally we got an AC room. I could finally sleep peacefully.

Our Video: Arambol, Palolem and Polem

Here is our video on YouTube. Here you can see the beaches and the sand. It was such a beautiful day. I hope you guys enjoy watching it.

Arambol, Palolem and Polem | Beaches in Goa

Watch Arambol, Palolem and Polem | Beaches in Goa here on Youtube

What I love the most about travel is it makes me feel absolutely humble. It always reminds me to be grounded and to think about other people, to be sympathetic and to be open. It also teaches me to take it easy when things don’t go as planned. There’s always a new possibility no matter where you end up at. I can’t wait to show you the next post. It’s really fun and exciting. See you soon!


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8 comments to Beaches in Goa and a Drive to Udupi

  • Wow..beautiful beaches.. Goa is in my wishlist since long and your post is just tempting me now… lovely clicks btw..


  • u still had a better deal.. we had been to goa in august.. n it was raining heavily.. yet we went to the beach and waves were fierce.. so much so that police had barricaded entries long before..
    bt polem beach was indeed beautiful.. its a loooong beach n thn it had few tourists only.. yes it was high tide thn too bt we were allowed to venture into sea within limits.. i can swim in pool bt swimming in sea sounds gutsy to me!!
    great travelogue.. loved the video, editing n music.. 🙂

    • Tes

      Thanks Shaurabh 🙂 Actually I’m really keen on visiting Goa in monsoon though people told us it’s not really a good time to visit. I think it will be different and it will give us another experience there. Plus I really love the rain 🙂 I love how you shared with us the experience. It’s really different and inspiring. I like how people can always get something unique out of their trip even when they visit the same place. It must be really scary, exciting, and nice at the same time.

      • ha ha true that.. i think it was calungute or anjum beach.. we bathed under the moonlit rainy sky.. waves were really scary bt yes thrilling.. later we were evacuated n we went for dinner.. it was the longest dinner ever.. 😀

        my goa fetish is to try out as many activities as possible.. ours was a bad time so we missed things like paragliding.. venturing into sea on small boats.. n i dnt even knw thy do so many things thr.. it mst be lot of fun 🙂

        we did ride scooty thr n it was really fun driving frm anjum beach to polem its really far.. it was raining while returning n my scooty skidded on a sharp turn.. nth happened bt it was hilarious.. locals came around n gave me lot of gyaan how not to drive scooty.. i think that was my first driving lesson.. lol 😀

        • Tes

          Haha what a crazy adventure! This is the experience I’ve always been looking for, to explore places in the crazy different ways. It gives more interesting stories to tell and we remember this kind of messed up journeys really well 🙂 I’ve learned that things rarely go as planned when it comes to travel so it’s always exciting to get out of the house and go somewhere.

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