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Malpe Fish Market

Malpe Fish Market is one of the most important commercial fishing ports in India. The market is just 5 km off National Highway 66 (previously NH17) in Udupi. The market starts early morning, and you should visit between 5-8 am to catch the arrival of the fishing boats. There are hundreds of boats parked in the port, and the whole place is filled with people dressed in colorful clothes coming to the spontaneous fish auctions.

Malpe Fish Market 8

We stayed in Udupi last night at Hotel Sharada International. It was the first time I slept so uninterrupted throughout the night. The room was clean and neat. It cost us Rs. 2,500 and we thought it was a decent deal for a place in such prime location. We will definitely consider this place again when we come back to town.

Malpe Fish Market 3

In the morning, we drove to Malpe Fish Market. The market is only 5 km away from where we stayed so it was perfect. Actually, our friends started making fun of us because we are super obsessed about visiting fish markets. You know we are actually pretty determined sometimes. We actually carried an ice box with us from Pune, hoping we would definitely get some fish on the way.

I think Malpe Fishing Port just took my breath away at first sight. You know, that feeling when you were kids, when you entered the carnival and saw all the rides, toys and food on sticks. My heart jumped up and down as I saw hundreds of colorful boats parked inside the port.

Malpe Fish Market 4

We walked to the fish market zone, and the commotion started. At first, I felt really intimidated, kind of. I didn’t know if I should take the pictures or videos because there were a lot of people, and it was a serious business here. But then I got that friendly vibe, and it seemed like a comfortable place. We navigated in the mess of chaos. Everyone was shouting. There was fish everywhere. The ladies in colorful bright sarees slid pass us in every direction. It was so alive.

Malpe Fish Market 5

There were tons and tons of fish, and more of them were being loaded to the port from the boats. The fish was auctioned and sold on the spot. It was really quick, and I was afraid that we wouldn’t get anything because of how shy we were.

Malpe Fish Market 6

There were mackerels, sardines, prawns, crabs, lobsters, sharks, stingrays, and other fish piled up on the cemented floor. Three lady fishmongers charmed us and sold us some prawns. We also bought some lobsters with was really cheap (4 lobsters for Rs. 500).

We bought enough seafood and tried to pack our stash in the ice box. It didn’t fit! Oh my god! So we decided to buy another ice box. A bigger one.

Malpe Fish Market 7

As we drove away from Malpe Fish Market, we vowed that we would return to buy more fish on our return trip. I think visiting fish markets will never get old for us. So yes, guys! We are kind of fish market freaks like that. But well, our friends can always come for fresh seafood in our home.

Our Travel Video

So guys, here is our new travel video on Malpe Fish Market and Malpe Beach. I really want you to check it out because it’s really colorful and lovely. My words here can’t really describe a fraction of how amazing this place is, so maybe the video will help you see the picture clearer. I will write about Malpe Beach more in the next post, but you can enjoy the sound of the waves in this video.

Malpe Fish Market and Malpe Beach

Watch Malpe Fish Market and Malpe Beach here on Youtube

I have to say that sitting at home in Pune makes me miss our time on the highways a lot. I can’t wait to make a new trip. And tell us about your trips as well. We really want to hear your travel tales. I know they will be our inspirations to find our next destinations.




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