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Malpe Beach, Udupi

If you’re wondering why we haven’t posted any cooking post recently, it’s because we ran out of cooking gas again. We have been living without cooking in our kitchen for a week now, and hopefully the cooking gas will be delivered to our house today. And well, I hope you are not bored of my travel tale because we are going to chill at the beach today.

Malpe Beach 7

Malpe Beach is a colorful beach in Malpe Beach town of Udupi, Karnataka State, India. The beach is very close to National Highway 66. You need to take an internal road about 5 kilometers or so to the beach. It’s quite easy to find, and the town folks are very friendly so you can just stop and ask for direction. Malpe Beach is very close to Malpe Fishing Port. After we visited Malpe Fish Market, we drove to the beach. There is a huge parking facility near the bus stop, and then the beach is just right there in front of you.

Malpe Beach 6

I was surprised to see so many people at the beach early morning. Maybe it was because of the beautiful Sunday so most family hit the beach early. The beach is popular among the locals and you will see a lot of kids playing with sands and swimming really close to the shore.

Malpe Beach 5

Everyone was having fun as if there was a party going on. It was kind of different. Malpe Beach is definitely not a quiet beach, but it is very clean and well-maintained. I think it has the best quality of sands I have ever seen in India. The sand was fine and smooth like soft crumbling cookie crumbs. It’s perfect to build sand castle or just sit there and sink your feet in it.

Malpe Beach 2

There are many restaurants and food shacks stretching along the coastlines at Malpe Beach. You can get some tea and hot deep fried food or the lavish seafood spreads right on the beach. On one side of the beach, I could see a carnival set up with a toy train and a giant wheel rested on the sand. Maybe they would be lit up at night for people to enjoy. It must be so vibrant and fun.

Malpe Beach 3

The lifeguards at Malpe Beach are very cautious because there were few incidents of stingray attacks on the beach in the past. Although swimming at the beach is not banned, they regularly announce and warn people to be careful. I didn’t swim, and the boys just played very close by to get their feet wet.

Malpe Beach 4

I wish we had more time at Malpe Beach. I wanted to try some food there and see the colorful light of the beach carnival at night. Maybe next time when we drive down to Kerala, we can stop here for a day. And then we will try to get a home stay and make friends with the locals.

Trip to Murud, Dapoli Picture 20

Sadik and I had a heartfelt talk about our trips recently. We love that our trips keep inspiring us, and we love that you guys enjoy reading our humble posts. India is so beautiful, and even though I’ve been living here for more than 10 years now, I only saw a fraction of it. We want to go out more, to the humble and rustic locations that people forget about. In the process, maybe we could spread an important messages that we have learned from our trips. Please suggest us how we can do it better. I also love how you guys share with us your travel stories. It makes me feel almost like we are traveling together. It’s so nice to connect with you all.

Oh by the way, if you missed our Malpe Fish Market and Malpe Beach Video, please check it out here


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