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Udupi to Kerala

I never thought I would fall in love with the town of Udupi. We drove pass it dozens of time, but it had never felt like this. I think when you get out of your comfort zone and open your heart to something, then you can truly discover the hidden passion within. Udupi is beautiful and charming. We took an expected turn to discover its vivacious beauty. And I can’t wait to return to this town.

Here is our journey video of this drive.

Udupi to Kerala

Watch Udupi to Kerala here on YouTube

Malpe Beach 3

After a trip to Malpe Fish Market and Malpe Beach, we eagerly got back on the road and drove to Kerala. We also had to reach our Kerala home before the ice melted so our fish stayed fresh. There was 350 km ahead of us, but we took our time to drive because it was our last long drive until our return road trip.


We had breakfast in Mangalore, the chief port city of Karnataka State. We heard about a vibrant fish market of this town as well, and we planned to visit it on our way back to Pune.

breakfast in bangalore 2

You will always find hot delicious breakfast food on the southern highways. I love soft semolina cooked with vegetable and lentils (Upma). I always think of it as an adult version of baby food. It’s really filling and nutritious. Although you can look for a place that serve non vegetarian breakfast in South India, the comforting steamy idlis in boiling hot Sambar seems to always be a good way to start the day. My other favorites south India breakfast includes Masala Dosa, Vadas and when I’m lucky, I find coconut dosa in these busy highway restaurants.


I’m really impressed with the development of national highway in the state of Karnataka. We could make it from Udupi to Mangalore to Karnataka border swiftly. The difficult part of driving started when we entered Kerala.

NH 66 Kerala

We always talked about how the expansion of NH66 will change the economy of the southwest states of India, but I can’t really see the expansion happening in Kerala. In Kerala, people stay too close to the roads. Actually it is jammed pack in most parts. Kerala is like one big city spanning across the state. There aren’t many spaces for expansion unless the government comes up with a creative idea. By-passes maybe. I don’t know. But the traffic in Kerala is very intense. There is a huge number of trucks, especially the one that carry petroleum gas which I find very scary.

Driving in Kerala 2

Oh my God, I almost forgot to tell you about our accident. We had never really been in a car accident before. Well, it was bad, but nobody got hurt. We were caught on a pile-up, and we got a bad dent on the car trunk. Our insurance took care of it, and everything is as good as new. Well, I was really surprised that Sadik wasn’t that upset after it happened. He had learned to stay calm and let it go so we could enjoy the rest of our drive.


We had lunch at a small place called Orchid Family Restaurant in Chirakkal Town. It was really late, and we came in just before the restaurant closed in the afternoon to prep for their dinner operation. I was happy to get some Malabar Biryani. It’s my favorite kind of biryanis. I love how the rice is not overpowered by spices but it is soaked in meaty flavor of chicken, meat and seafood. So simple and so good.

coffee break

I think we had too many coffee in this trip. Café Coffee Day had done something amazing for the travelers in the south. You can look for Café Coffee Day branches on highways for a decent stop with clean restrooms. We kept refilling our cups all the way.

The traffic made us 3 hours late. It was quite tiring actually. By the time we were close to home, we were sleepy, bloated and really really hungry.

Kerala Life 5

And yes, we got to our home in Kerala safe and sound. We were welcomed with home-cooked food and the heavy rain pouring on the roof. I loved every single minute of the night as I slept peacefully in a big bed and thick blanket. The sound of leaves fighting the winds and rains cradled me to a peaceful dream.


In the next post, I will tell you guys how we spent our days in Kerala. And if you want to see how people harvested jackfruits from a huge tree, you shouldn’t miss our next post.




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