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Harvesting Jackfruit in the Rain

It’s raining generously in Kerala. The sky is dark, and cold water drops on the roofs. It’s green everywhere. Rain water helps boosting the beautiful produce here.

Today we are harvesting the jackfruits!

Here is new video on jackfruits harvesting in Kerala rain.

Jackfruit Harvest in Kerala

Watch Jackfruit Harvest in Kerala on Youtube here


Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that can grow really big in size. A jackfruit tree can bore dozens and maybe a hundred fruits at once.

How to Cut a Jackfruit 2

Jackfruits are huge, and they have thick spiky skin. On the inside, there is soft sweet yellow flesh. Jackfruit flesh is really yummy. It tastes like flower nectar or something like that. You can use it in dessert dishes, and while the fruits are still young and raw, we use them as vegetable.

How to Cut a Jackfruit 9

Look at this tree. There are so many fruits on it. It looks really stunning. We are going to take some of them that look about right and big, and then we are going to transport them to our home in Pune.

havesting jackfruits

Well, harvesting jackfruits can be very dangerous, and we need to call in an expert. You see a man on top of the tree? He is who to call for the job.

Look at him. That takes real skill, people!

havesting jackfruits 2

To get the jackfruits from the tree, you need to go on top of the tree and tie the rope around the fruits. Then you need to gently lower them down to the ground. This needs to be extremely careful because you shouldn’t bruise the fruits otherwise they can turn bad.

On top of that, we are doing it in the rain so we need to be super careful because the wet branches of tree can be really slippery.



Kerala is really rich in rainy season. All the fruits are ripe and starting to fall from the trees so we need to collect them before they ruthlessly hit the ground.

Kerala Life 4

See we even have mangosteens here. I kind of miss Thailand right now because we have similar weather there, and there are tons of fruits ripe and ready there as well.

Kerala Life 3

Rain brings prosperity and fertility to the land. And it’s going to rain like this for 3 months. So happy!




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2 comments to Harvesting Jackfruit in the Rain

  • Thank yo so much for this interesting and informative piece. I found it fascinating and I hungered for more. I currently have a can of jackfruit in my cupboard that I have been circling around using for something yet to be determined (can it be eaten right out of the can?). I so enjoy your newsletters. Thank you so much for them. Have a great day!

    • Tes

      I have never had canned jackfruits before, but I guess you can have it straight from the can just like other preserved fruits. I have frozen jackfruits in my freezers which I think I’m gonna use it as ice cream topping or maybe in tapioca pearl pudding 🙂 You have a great day, too 🙂

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