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Get Ready for Monsoon

Rainy season is here in Pune. Although the rain is so little in the city, but I heard that it rains heavily in the mountains and hill stations. Finally we can have the water back in the lakes, and our farmers can sow and grow our food.

Get Ready for Monsoon 1

Rain makes everything so alive. I can picture the velvety green mountains and the water gushes out from the cracks of the rocks. It’s time to go trekking in the rain. So we are going to go out every week to explore the beautiful monsoon.

Here is our new video on how we get ready to go to trek…

Get Ready for Monsoon Trek

Watch Get Ready for Monsoon Trek here on youtube

Get Ready for Monsoon 2

Here are our jasmines. The jasmine plants give fresh flowers every day. They bloom and spread beautiful fragrant at night and early morning so Sadik and I like to sit in our balcony with some candles and enjoy the jasmine scent at night.

Get Ready for Monsoon 4

We also have a new Thai Basil plant now, and it’s giving us beautiful fresh leaves for curries and stir fried dishes.

Get Ready for Monsoon 5

My pandan leaf plant is also doing so lovely, sprouting new buds and leaves. I will use them in some warm Thai desserts very soon.

Get Ready for Monsoon 6

We even have a curry leaf plant now. It has enough leaves for us to use time to time when we cook Indian food.

Get Ready for Monsoon 8

Oh, have you ever seen this medicinal plant before? I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s Yaseen’s favorite plant, and he uses the leaves to infused in warm bath water. It smells really nice, kind of like eucalyptus leaves, but earthier.

Get Ready for Monsoon 11

Inside the house, we have small plants to light up the room. I love that it’s dark and cozy, but the fresh colors make my home feel alive and welcoming.

Get Ready for Monsoon 10

We recently got some orchid as well. We went to a plant store last weekend to look for some carnivorous plants for Yaseen, but they were not available. We spotted some orchid on the side and decided to buy them because they were quite cheap there.

Get Ready for Monsoon 3

And everything is just sing and bloom so happily this season. There of us just can’t wait for our monsoon trek. We are going to visit so many forts, and maybe we are going camping as well. We still look for the perfect option for our little family to enjoy the pouring monsoon.




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