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How to Season Cast Iron Wok on Stove

I think my favorite part of cooking is the beginning, besides at the end of it is not my cup of tea. You know what I mean. After cooking, your kitchen is turned upside down, and it’s the tiring task to clean up the mess. But back to the happy side of cooking, turning on the gas stove and heat up the big wok, and pour the oil in the hot iron surface. The heat cradle the oil gingerly, the smoke swirls from the crisp dark wok, and then bruised cloves of garlic fall into the hot oil. When the garlic trembles and dances, giving out gorgeous aroma, that’s the part I love the most about cooking.

Season Cast Iron 9

This amazing occurrence of cooking is manifested in cast iron wok. The Teflon coating cookware will always feel slightly artificial compare to a earthy, rustic pan. I love cooking with cast iron cookware as it gives me that humble and cozy touch. And in my experience, cast iron cooks food better.

Cast Iron Wok

Season Cast Iron 2

When you buy a cast iron wok, most of the time, it isn’t ready to be used. The wok sold in the markets came right from the manufacturing mould, and it needs to be treated before cooking. This process is called seasoning, and it will turn your metallic cast iron wok in to the greasy magnificent vessel with natural, sleek, nonstick surface.

Season Cast Iron Wok

Season Cast Iron 10

Seasoning is the process of burning the layer of oil on to the cookware to form the dark, smooth surface. Seasoning cast iron cookware is very easy, but you need to be slightly patient because the process should be repeated several times to get the perfect result. Usually cast iron cookware is seasoned with a little oil in the oven, baked for several hours, but in this method, I will show you a fun trick that you can do it on the stove.

What You Need

Season Cast Iron

Metal Scrubbing Wool

Dish washing detergent

Kitchen towel

Vegetable oil

How to Season Cast Iron Wok

Season Cast Iron 3

Wash cast iron wok with some dish washing detergent. Scrub out any residue as much as you can.

Season Cast Iron 4

Rinse it in running water and wipe dry with kitchen towel.

Season Cast Iron 5

Grease the wok with thin layer of oil.

Season Cast Iron 6

Place it on the medium heat stove and heat it until the wok is hot and smoking. Reduce the heat to low and heat it further for 30-40 minutes. The wok should gradually turn dark and smooth.

Season Cast Iron 7

While the wok is still hot, transfer it to the sink and pour in the water to reduce the temperature rapidly and to clean the wok from the oil.

Season Cast Iron 12

Again scrub, wash, scrub, rinse and dry. If some portion of the wok is burned more than other parts, then you need to muscle up and scrub it off.

Now repeat the process for at least 3 times until you get the desire result.


Season Cast Iron 8

Here is my perfectly season cast iron wok after repeating the process 3 times. It’s sleek, smooth and ready for cooking.



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