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Tung Fort

Monsoon Trekking Season is here, and the weather has been wonderful. Actually, I wish it rained a little harder because we actually wanted a messy trip filled with water and mud. We decided to pick Tung Fort on the bank of Pawna Lake to be our first destination. And here’s our little video of this trip. Please check it out, and I hope you enjoy it.

Tung Fort 2016

Watch Tung Fort 2016 here on YouTube

Tung Fort

Tung Fort Trek 2016 12

Tung Forts locates near Tungiwadi Village in Pune District, Maharashtra State of India. The fort has an elevation of 1075 meters above sea level, making it one of the tallest peaks in this region. The fort was built before 1600 CE, and it was very small so its function was more like a watch tower.

How to Get There

Tung Fort Trek 2016 6

The best way to get to Tung Fort from Pune is from Pune-Mumbai Highway (NH4) to Pavananagar-Kamshet Rd toward Pawna Dam. At Kale, turn right toward Tikona Peth, and continue on the road till Javan. At Javan, turn right to Javan-Tungi Road until you reach Tungiwadi Village. The base of the fort is on the left side of the road, just under the foot of the hill. There is a spacious parking space under the big trees next to the temple. This route will allow you to avoid the massive crowds at Lonavla which you really don’t want to be stuck in.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 1

This route is also very scenic. We drove through the green mountains and fresh rice fields. There are also many waterfalls and small streams with sparkling clear water on the way.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 5

Sadik and Yaseen wanted to catch some fish. We did spend some time at the river, but there was no luck. We didn’t get any fish, but we got to play in the rain.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 2

Trek at Tung Fort

It’s fun to trek in the rain, but the path can be really wet and slippery. The trail of Tung Fort is also narrow and crumbling.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 7

It was raining sparingly the entire day. The sky is filled with heavy clouds, and it was really windy. By the way, we broke our umbrellas so many times until we learned that we should never bring umbrellas to fort trekking in this region. Raincoats are the best option to protect you from the rain here.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 9

Yaseen was so eager to climb, and he’s really the one who kept pushing us on this journey.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 8

We reached the first gate of Tung Fort. The ruin is astonishing, and there is a rampart to rest and enjoy the view.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 11

As we continued climbing up to the fort, the wind became stronger. The second gate of the fort looks more solid and prominent. There is a gigantic plateau on top of it where you can explore and stroll around.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 10

There are 3 main reservoirs on the fort. It’s one of the most important features because the water supply is important to the inhabitants. On this flat land, there is also a small temple surrounded by ruins and greenness.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 4

The next stretch of the trail is stretching on the other side of the mountain. We were captured by the blurry glorious view behind the clouds. The path is really small and tricky here, but it’s not difficult or dangerous at all.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 14

And here we made it to the top of the fort. It’s really rewarding to have a hot cup of coffee on the top of the world. We spent some time here, and it’s really amazing. At some point, we were the only people who were up here.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 15

Trekking down to the base was very challenging. Do you know that trekking down is actually harder than climbing up? The slippery trail made us feel super cautious, but we were careful and made it down in one piece.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 16

The caretaker offered to arrange simple lunch for us. He told us it was prepared from his house, and it’s something simple that the farmers and villagers around here have everyday. I loved warm rice flatbread which the locals call Bhakri. The caretaker also gave us a Tiffin filled with hot rice, creamy dal, some pickle and fresh chutney. The boys and I agreed that it was one of the best meals we had ever had. It’s such an honest and delicious food.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 3

While we drove back home, we stopped at a small town where we bought some fresh-water fish, bananas and some local sweet. The sweet was delightful, made with some peanut, sugar and coconut.

Tung Fort Trek 2016 17

Monsoon brings so much life to the land. The fields are flood withed rain water. The crops grow from the mud, and the wind becomes really cool and fresh. I love this weather, and we will probably come out every weekend from now on. I don’t know where we’re going next, but the boys want to go fishing.


8 comments to Tung Fort

  • The flavours of monsoon have nicely come up through your photos and article

  • Beautiful snaps and lovely scenic beauty..

  • I’m getting jealous of the monsoon trips and hikes you’re doing. Tung Fort is a magnificent place! Thanks for sharing the video. I thoroughly enjoyed every step of it. It’s the right place for Yaseen as he’s so energetic!

  • Pratik Sachdev

    Hi, I read your article today regarding Tung Fort and I am very thankful for the same.

    However, I just need a small clarification regarding the ferry information from the Pavna Dam till base village Tungivadi.

    We will be going to Tung from Mumbai.


    • Tes

      Hi Pratik,
      If you come from Mumbai, it’s better to get to Thombrewadi from Lonavala, and then take Jalvaayu Marg road to Lion Point. But I should warn you that this road is quite rough and narrow so be careful and go slow. The road to Tung is very isolated, and you will pass many small villages. Once you find a T-Junction which has a really big signboard direct you to Tung Fort, you can follow that road (Tung Road) to Tungawadi (The base village of Tung Fort), and Tung Fort should be on your left.
      Hope you enjoy the trek there 🙂

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