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Fishing at, Pargaon Village, Bhima River

When I was a kid, I accompanied my dad on the hunting trips near the Mekong River. We went there at least once a year in a big caravan of his friends. I was a tom boy, and I loved adventurous stuff so I didn’t mind sleeping in the forest full of mosquitoes. Some nights, we wouldn’t sleep as we waited to check on the traps while the cold rain was pouring on us mercilessly. Fishing was an go-together part of the hunting trip. Although I was so scared of the majestic mysterious Mekong River, I undeniably loved its fish. The fish here was fresh and big. We often grilled them right away next to the river and enjoy the juicy sweet fish with sticky rice and the sauce made with fresh chilies and Lao Preserved Fish.

fishing bhima 8

I think; the way I was raised and the adventures I was the parts of, shaped who I am today. I love nature and the authenticity of life. Sadik is the same. He grew up in the beautiful town in God’s Own Country. Often, he told us about how he went fishing in the streams, and the legendary event when he caught two big fish in one hook.

We live in the city now so we miss the time when things were raw and simple. The coziness of rainy season really emphasizes this nostalgic feeling, you know. And when we both miss our hometowns, what we love to do is just drive to the countryside. The smell of rice field and the scent of wet land really fill our hearts with beautiful memories. Our weekend drives lead us to Pargaon Village, the small paradise nested on the bank of Bhima River. It is a famous fishing spot. The locals fish on a small dam, Pargaon Dam. A few travel agents from Pune also arrange fishing trips to this place. We come here by ourselves as we’re so unrealizable to be on schedule when we travel. Well, it is kind of nice because we can experience more when our arrangement is flexible.

Here is recent our fishing trip in a small village of Pargaon.

Fishing at Pargaon Village, Bhima River

Watch Fishing at Pargaon Village, Bhima River on Youtube here

How to Get to Pargaon Village

fishing bhima 9

From Pune, head out of town on Nagar Road, and then turn right toward Wagholi-Kesnad Road. You have to turn right again to Tueur Kesnand Road, and then take a left to State Highway 65. Pargaon Village is on the left, on the serene State Highway 61. The drive should take about 1.5 hours, and the drive is very joyful.

Fishing Spot, Bhima River

fishing bhima 6

The fishing spot is about 5 minutes from Pargaon Village. You need to turn left at the end of the road and keep driving until you find a dead end where the bridge is being constructed.

fishing bhima 10

The old bridge had collapsed in the last season so the road is closed now for the construction. On the side, you will see a small dirt road; follow the trail until you find the river. Park your car on the side, and you will see a small check dam in front of you. This dam is called Pargaon Dam, and it’s a very busy passage for two wheelers and people to cross the river. And yes guys, this is the fishing spot.

Fishing at Bhima River

fishing bhima 7

The river is really big, and the water is really clean and fresh. We see the villagers sitting on the dam and fishing with simply fishing lines and hooks. It is quite fascinating. So we go up there, on the narrow dam with the bike passing and people walking. The dam has no barrier, just the thin, small bamboo bars on the side, which if you push it, it will probably fall to the 20 feet drop below. Now thinking about it, we are kind of mad that we don’t even realize how dangerous it is. You can see people from the city come here to fish on the side of the river, too, just below the dam. They don’t come up to the dam because their equipments are quite bulky and those won’t work here.

fishing bhima 1

We watch how the villagers work on the bait and catch the fish. Slowly we kind of blend in the scene and sit next to them. Finding a safe spot is challenging. We risk falling off the dam and colliding with the people driving and walking by. The villagers give us some earthworms to bait so we completely forgot about our own bait made with rice dough. Next time, we will have to see if that will work.

fishing bhima 11

Sadik has this rustic fishing equipment thing which he bought from a local fishing guy from Dandeli. It is made with a small piece of wood, a strong line and a hook. The villagers at Pargaon Village help him altered his fishing equipment a little, by adding weight and fixing another hook on it. So now, we can catch two fish at once.

fishing bhima 3

The catches here are mostly tilapias. The fish are healthy and range from 6 inches to 8 inches. We let go of the small ones to allow them to grow big. Sitting on the dam fishing just like the locals, we share stories and learn about the simple life. The economy here is very sustainable. People have the rich farmland, and the river is filled with natural goodness. People in the community help each other. How wonderful is it to live in this beautiful village!

The boys have fun a lot today, but most importantly, they learn to respect food even more. We have a lot of fish, enough to feed our small family for a week.

fishing bhima 4

I think when it’s important to see food beyond the product on the plate. We should be able to see the origins and the stories behind the ingredients. Food taste so much better when you know it, trust me. That’s why I keep saying good food is not just about food, but the entire experience.

fishing bhima 5

So I will grill the fish with salt crust tonight, Thai Street Style of course. The rest will be our food for the whole week.

See you next time.


24 comments to Fishing at, Pargaon Village, Bhima River

  • Vaishali

    Hi tes, I am a regular follower of your blogs belongs to Pune but now in state I really like not your blogs but your videos as well , you got amazing talent and I always see my friend in you I don’t know it might seems funny but I feel so much connected to you through your blogs, keep writing and filming love vaishali?

    • Tes

      Hi Vaishali 🙂 Thank you so much. I’m happy you like our posts and videos. It makes me happy to know that you feel connected. It has always been my goal to make this place a friendly space for us to share stories 🙂 and good to know that you are in Pune as well so I will need a lot of suggestions about where to visit and what to try next.
      Love, Tes

      • Vaishali

        Tes you know more about Pune compared to me LOL !! I am currently not there but will definitely explore more places once back there and btw will refer your videos to look for places ?

  • Sourabh Das

    Hello Tes,

    Is there any objection for fishing ? Based on your post it seems that there is no restriction, but I have also heard that some times local people create problem.

    Also any other place with in 50KM radius where we can fish.

    Best Regards

    • Tes

      Sorry I replied this so late. There is no restriction at all in this village . In fact some locals support some fishing groups who go there often to fish. Also I notice that the local set up a small fish stand to sell fish people who go fishing there as a sport as well.

      On the contrary, in Khadakwasla Lake, we tried to fish many years ago, but a local who were fishing there protested so we didn’t really have a good experience there. People told me you can try to fish in Mulshi, but no one really have any luck there. Another famous spot is Bhandardara Dam, but it’s quite far from here. I will let you know if I find more places 🙂

      • Sourabh Das

        Many Thanks Tes for the response. Ya I checked the Bhandardara Dam which is quite far away wont be possible for a 1 day trip. I checked couple of sites seems Pawana Lake near Lohagad fort may be place for fishing.
        Also there is a “River and Ridges” site those who organizes Fishing and Camping events. I will try with them and give some update here too.

        • Tes

          I would love to hear about your fishing adventure 🙂 Do share the stories here 🙂 I’m going to Bhandardara Dam in a couple of weeks, and I will let you know if it’s worth checking it out.

  • sachin

    Hi Tes..and thank you for nice video.
    i also love fishing..done it 2 times in satara and pune but no luck.i guess more patience is required…i live in pune near khadakwasla and will try to catch fish there very soon…hope i will get a catch……….

  • Ajay Joshi

    Nice article n video.
    Am a keen angler and stay at kharadi.
    Was looking for a spot at bhima river.
    Thanks will try this spot.
    Keen on hearing from you and starting
    a small angling club.
    Trying to get a few friends into fishing.


  • Joaquim

    Lovely, catch, I will be going very soon to Bhima River, for a day. Is monsoon season good, or should I go after the Monsoon. Which months is the best for a good cathc. Guys thanks for the information, pictures and videos. It was so exciting.

    • Tes

      Monsoon is a good season to catch fish but it’s also quite risky because the level of water could be unpredictable. But even then, we’re out fishing during monsoon often because the weather is just perfect. After monsoon is a good time to do that as well 🙂

  • Eric

    Hi I am new to Pune but have fished in most rivers and lakes in India. Please guide me where I can get snatched etc.

    • Tes

      Hi Eric,

      The only place we successfully caught fish in Pune is at Paragaon Village. Other places we tried but had no luck. What I wanna recommend you is keep your fishing gear in the car so when you travel and come across nice spot, you can just try it. And hey, if you find a nice spot, please share the details with us, too 🙂

      • Eric

        Thanks good friend will be in touch with you. Best wishes for good fishing. Tight lines to all

      • Sourabh Das

        Hello Tes,
        Based upon your review, I did went to this spot and could catch fish it was really fun as I could catch many fishes. But the water is really nasty so did not like fishing for longer when analysed why the water looks so dirty I could recall the whole Pune drainage water is put on this river. May be flowing after 60 KM its not that bad as you see at Kavdi Bird watch spot.

        I would suggest one beautifull place for fishing is “Panshet Dam”.

        • Tes

          I guess the water was a little better when we were there because it was just after the rainy season. It’s a sad situation to see so many rivers around here get polluted. Have you caught anything in Panshet Dam? We would love to try it there some time as well.

          • Sourabh Das

            Ohh.. I was there during last winter thats the reson it was looking dirty.
            I could catch good amount in 1-2 hrs at Panshet Dam of mid size but the environment was a mood booster. Try the local food their it was amazing.

  • Eric

    I will go and check send you results if lucky

  • Lun Haokip


    I am new to this blog and I would like to share some of my best experience in and round Pune for Fishing.
    1. Wadgaon Shinde just 5-6 km from airport (Caught around 3-5 kg within 3 hour size of fish are medium and if you do fishing in the middle of the river there is a chance of Big one).
    2. Warwand Lake (Dam) before Patas, Big fishes lot of variety of fish, but some said that it is a fish farm and we have caught many big fishes and many time and no restriction (might be we are lucky that no one complaint till today).

    I had tried Bhor river, Khadakwasla, mulshi dam, Bhatghar dam but no luck. My best suggestion is Wadgaon Shinde just 26 KM from Kondhwa. Planing for this Saturday.

  • Tuhin

    Hi folks!

    I am really interested in fishing, and I am looking for partners to go on fishing trips around Pune. Anyone interested, please contact me on my personal email id

    I want to buy new fishing gear. Any tips from experienced anglers would be much appreciated.

  • Wigbert

    Hi guys I am a fishing crazy guy, I have fished alot in pune inthe small village dams, this time my friends plan to take me to andhra dam close to khandala. I beleive they have been catching big carps there and have even lost their rods to some big catch. I would like to visit these few places next month when I come to india.Any person interested in joining our team let me know my email is
    see you there.

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