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Chilli Guava

During rainy season, on the side of the roads, the baskets of fresh guavas are covered with the sparkling droplets of rainwater. The fruits are green and glossy, and I love when I see some of the fruits still have the stems and leaves on them. The leaves have that robust, earthy scent that let you know that the fruits are just so healthy and delicious.

chili Guava 1

Green guavas are very common, but the red ones are not easy to find. I love that floral scent in the softness of red guava flesh. This week, we got these guavas from a village on the way from our weekend trek.

chili Guava 2


We also bought some custard apples and figs. These fruits are sold by farmers on the sides of the roads, right in front of their farms. We agree that driving through villages outside the city is the best way to get our fresh fruits and veggies for our kitchen.

chili Guava 4

Guavas can be eaten when they’re green, when they’re slightly soft, and when they’re fully ripe. I love when the fruits are green and crunchy so I can dip the fresh crisp slices in chilli-sugar-salt or in a dip made with fish sauce, shrimp paste, chillies and sugar.

chili Guava 3

In India, you often see the street vendors selling guava with salt and chilli. It’s very similar to how we eat the guavas in Thailand, except no sugar is needed here. Actually, it makes sense to omit sugar because guavas are naturally slightly sweet.

chili Guava 6

The street sellers usually quarter the fruits without slicing through them. That way, the fruits are still holding together while the mixture of chilli and salt are smeared all over the exposed delicious flesh. You will always find something like this near the local markets and at tourist spots. We always have to buy the spicy guavas and eat them while strolling outside and enjoying the day.

Chilli Guava


Fresh Guava

1 tsp chilli powder

2 tsp salt

chili Guava 5


Clean and wash the guavas.

Slice the guavas into small pieces.

Mix salt and chilli powder, and adjust the flavor as per your liking.

Sprinkle the chilli and salt mixture over the slices of guavas, and serve.

By the way, a plate of Chilli Guava is really good as snack or party appetizer.

chili Guava 7


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