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Thai Coconut Pudding

So I haven’t told you guys that Sadik might be gluten intolerant. He hasn’t officially been tested, but after talking to his doctor about certain allergies, we are kind of sure about it. The first thing my husband said when he doubted that he might be allergic to gluten was he’s gonna miss all the delicious breakfast treats like pancakes and waffles. And oh my God, he’s gonna miss pies and cakes… especially my banana cake which he absolutely loves. But lucky for him, I don’t really rely on refine flour to cook tons of dessert. In fact, I grew up without wheat in my kitchen, and so I subliminally cook gluten-free dishes.

Khanon Khrok 1

I can say 90% of Traditional Thai desserts are gluten-free, diary free and vegan. It’s fresh, light and so so so good. I told Sadik not to worry, and he’s not gonna miss anything because there are millions of delicious dishes we can make without gluten. Thai Coconut Pudding, for example, is his favorite Thai dessert. When he was living in Bangkok, he usually bought this delightful dessert from the street everyday. In Thai, we called the dish Khanom Khrok, the sweet that basically defines the simplicity of Thai dessert cooking. Everyone loves this coconut pudding because it’s so light, soft, fresh, and feel absolutely luxurious in your mouth.

Khanon Khrok 4

Thai coconut pudding is made with rice flour, coconut cream and sugar. It’s really that simple. I love adding pandan leaves extract for color because I love the scent of it. The batter should be fairly light and it should be cooked in a special cast iron pan that has little half sphere molds all over it. This is as rustic and authentic as it gets, but usually we add green onion in the batter as well, and a spoonful of sugar is sprinkled all over the pudding before serving. I don’t really like that much sugar so I serve this melting pudding as is.

Khanon Khrok 7

By the way guys, I have to admit that my pudding doesn’t come out perfect. Thai coconut pudding is supposed to come out of the molds easy with a push of the spoon, but I guess my pan isn’t perfectly seasoned as this is the first time I use this pan. Well, next time, I will show you guys the prettier results 🙂

Thai Coconut Pudding


Khanon Khrok 2

1 cup rice flour

2 cup coconut cream

1 cup warm water + ¼ cup warm water

1 tsp salt

3/4 cup sugar

Vegetable oil for greasing

4 fresh pandan leaves


Roughly chop pandan leaves and put them in the blender with ¼ cup warm water. Blend and strain to extract the aromatic green juice.


In a large bowl, add rice flour, salt, sugar, coconut cream, 1 cup warm water and all of pandan leaves extract. Stir until there is no lump. In the pic, those white stuffs are not lumps by the way, but they’re the richness of coconut cream floating on top. If you can’t get rid of the lumps, put the mixture in the blender, and blend for a minute or so. That should do that job.

Khanon Khrok 8

Heat Khanom Khrok Pan over medium heat, and when the pan is hot, grease the half sphere molds with vegetable oil, using clean muslin cloth or paper towel.


Add the batter and cover the pan to let it cook for a few minutes. Open the lid to check the pudding, and at this point you should see little air bubbles on top of the pudding. Let the pudding cook without the lid for 20 second so the bottom of the puddings crisp up.

Khanon Khrok 6

Remove the pudding from the pan with the spoon.

Serve hot and enjoy.

Khanon Khrok 5


3 comments to Thai Coconut Pudding

  • Beth Y

    Hi Tes, is this the same recipe for khanom krok bai toey? Been wanting to make that but couldn’t find an English recipe.
    So happy to see the recipe here. By the way you have nice blog been following it for a long time now.
    Keep sharing. ?
    By the wy, where can i get those flower shape pan in Bangkok ?

    • Tes

      Thanks, Beth 🙂 Let me know how your Khanom Krok turns out when you make them. I think you should get that pan in the crockery stores in the fresh markets. The flower shaped Khanom Krok you see in Thailand are Singapore Style coconut pudding though, and I think the recipe is different as it has all purpose flour in it instead of rice flour. That version is yum, too.

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