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Imagination is Kids’ Best Toy

We haven’t bought any toy for Yaseen for months now. It’s not that he doesn’t want them at all, but when we make him think about value of things he brings into his life, he understands that he doesn’t really want more stuff. When he asks for new toys and we refuse to give them, he’s very understanding now and doesn’t argue with us anymore. Our goal is not only to make him feel independent and content, but to allow him to explore the world with his pure imagination. In the process of becoming a minimalist child, he helps us save a lot of money for things that are important in our life.

Imagination 1

One thing I’ve noticed about him recently is how appreciative he becomes. He cherishes the old boys he still has, and he plays with them carefully now. He learns to fix things instead of asking for new ones. He is responsible. He ‘s very grateful and respectful. I love that he sees values in the smallest items and treasures important things that come in our life. Even a little puzzle in a cereal box excites him, and when he recently found colorful pictures inside Colgate box, he enjoyed cutting them up and using them as the guide to wander in his amazing imagination. With the illustrations of sea creatures in the boxes, the theme kind of stuck with him, and he started to produce his own artworks.

Imagination 5

He draws a lot of pictures, and I hear him talk about his fantasy world all day.

Imagination 4

Little things ignite his imagination and let him go as wild and free.

Imagination 3

The limited resource allows him to work hard to make things come to life. This is where he naturally develops skills and expertise. Imagination inspires creativity, and it helps a little kid like him learns a lot.

When I was a kid, I relied on nothing to have fun. We played with mud and clay. We made things from nothing, and we were outside all day. The make-believe world was endless, adventurous and beautiful. I used to have so much freedom to think, and I would love to conclude that it’s because I didn’t have that many toys as a kid. I want Yaseen to have this kind of experience, to create more with less, and I want him to have a chance to discover the world with his own thoughts and ideas.

As his birthday on August 15th is approaching, Sadik and I think about a meaningful birthday present to give him. Well, as we really try to stick with this lifestyle, we don’t keen on spending money on toys. We love this enthusiastic venturesome boy so we agree on paying for travel, for experience and for our adventurous trip. As Yaseen is obsessed with the oceans at the moment, we thought about going to the beach. Unfortunately it’s rainy season here, and going to the beach is not really a good plan. Although I think we will definitely enjoy it anywhere as our little guy can always make the world come alive around him.


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