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Sinhagad Fort Trek

Sinhagad Fort is a magnificent fortress located on an elevated hill 1,312 meters above sea level about 30 kilometers southwest of Pune City. The fort is also known as the Lion Fort, and the ruins of old structures glorify the power of the fort in the past.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 7

The fort now becomes one of the most important historical places of the city, and it is a popular place to relax and picnic during the weekend.

Our recent Sinhagad Fort Trek video

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We have been to Sinhagad Fort so many times, but we’ve always been up there by a bike or a car. This time we decided to trek up on foot. The trek to Sinhagad Fort takes 1.5 hours, and the trail is really beautiful. A lot of people will tell you that the trek here is very easy, but it’s not really that plain because this long trek is going to test your endurance.

How to Get to Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort Trek 6

From Pune City, drive to Khadakwasla Lake on Sinhagad Road. Keep driving along the lake until you find a big busy junction, drive straight until you reach a Y-Junction at the hill foot. If you turn left, you can drive up to the fort, but if you want to trek surrounded by nature, then drive straight to the village of Avtar Wadi.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 14

At the village, you will find a lot of parking facilities and restaurants. This is one of the base villages of Sinhagad Fort, and your trek starts here.

Breakfast before Trekking

Sinhagad Fort Trek 1

A big breakfast is needed before a trip like this. I always look for a simple food which will give my body with tons of energy.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 15

Trek to Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort Trek 13


I love a long trek because it makes me feel really healthy and productive. Trekking is my favorite kind of workout so I always make the best of it whenever we’re on a rough trail.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 11

The path to Sinhagad Fort is well-marked, but it’s filled with crumbling rocks. One of many good parts of this trail is there are many small food shacks set up by the locals stretching throughout the trail so you can always get water and snack when you run out of supplies.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 10

A small tip: the short cut of the trail is running along a big electrical line up to the fort, but this route involves climbing the rocks and walking on the steep paths. So if you are looking for an adventure, just follow the electrical line, and it will make this trek even more interesting.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 12

The views on the trek are very scenic during monsoon. You will see the endless mountains rest on the green plain and the serene Khadakwasla Lake below.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 9

When you reach the fort, you will see the stone steps leading to the great gate. On the side, there are many shops selling mangoes, guava, wild berries and other snack.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 5

Now you can explore the fort in this massive hilltop. And although most parts of the fort are now ruins, you will enjoy looking at these old stone structures very much.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 8

Up on the fort, you can almost touch the sky, and 360 degree view up here is breathtaking.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 4

When you’re up here, you need to try the local food. Cold homemade yogurt is served in small mud pots.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 16

You can add some sugar in it and enjoy. There are also delicious creamsicles or Kulfi, and tons of local fruits dusted with salt and chili. There are rustic food shacks here served simple village food. The meal here is very humble and comforting.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 12

Trekking back down is going to be as fun as climbing up. We enjoy every minute of it despite my shoes are starting to kill me. My feet are really hurt, and I think I need to give up these trekking shoes now. I decide to remove the shoes and walk with my socks. Man, the pebbles and the crumbling rocks are not fun to walk on. I think I won’t be able to make it down because it is impossible to walk with these shoes or without them. Sadik even offers to me his sandals, but I don’t think he can walk barefoot either so I try to think of any solution that will help me. Finally, I got it. This may sound crazy, but I remove the soles of the shoes and stuff them in my socks. What a life saving idea! It looks funny, but it helps me hike down till the bottom of the hill.

Sinhagad Fort Trek 2

This trip was so much fun, and I can’t wait for the next adventure on the next weekend. This time I will probably need a new pair of shoes.


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