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Thai Ice Black Coffee

Why coffee is so expensive? I don’t really like coffee, but my brain starts to depend on it. The first thing I do in the morning is making a cup of black coffee. No sugar. I wait until my coffee is lukewarm and drink the whole thing in one shot. When we go out, I always get an ice cappuccino after complaining about how unreasonable it is.

Thai Ice Black Coffee 5

Anyway, I’m weaning off all caffeinated drinks at the moment. Well, it’s healthier that way, and oh how much money I will save if I don’t have an urge to buy coffee outside anymore.

Thai Ice Black Coffee 3

But there is one coffee I’m unwilling to give up. Thai Ice Coffee or Oliang is a refreshing aromatic ice coffee. It’s so perfect to have in spicy food party. I don’t make it that often, just when I turn my house into a Thai Spicy Street Food Fair. I’ve been trying to keep everything in moderation. This thing will be in control so hooray to health!

Thai Ice Black Coffee 2

Traditional Thai Coffee has a unique blend of grains and spices which are perfectly roasted to release the beautiful aromas. This type of blend is quite difficult to find outside Thailand, so whenever I go home, I carry a bag of Thai coffee here. I have seen a lot of online recipes for recreating the earthy, toasty aroma of Thai Coffee. Some people use cardamom, and there is a version involves adding burnt sugar to the coffee. In my opinion, the closest coffee blends in India that resembles Thai Coffee is the ones that have chicory added coming from the south of India. Coffee with chicory blend is a perfect coffee to use for Thai or Vietnamese coffees. You can get this type of coffee in the forms of filter coffee which is more aromatic or instant coffee which can be very convenient but a lot milder.

Thai Ice Black Coffee 4

The first rule of making Thai Ice Black Coffee is to brew the coffee stronger than you usually prefer it. I normally make it 3 times stronger because the drink is going to be diluted in the glass full of ice. Once hot coffee hit the ice, it will become something refreshing and delightful. Also, you need to be generous when it comes to sugar, too. Well, it’s not going to be your regular morning drink so go head and pamper yourself without guilt.

Thai Ice Black Coffee 6

Thai Ice Coffee

Ingredients: (4 glasses)

2 ½ cups water

3 tbsp chicory blend filter coffee powder

4 tbsp sugar

Lots of Ice


Bring water to boil in a pot. Add coffee and let it boil for 30 seconds.

Turn off the heat, and strain the coffee through a fine strainer. You can also use coffee filter.

Add sugar, and stir until the sugar is dissolved.

While the coffee is still hot, pour it in the glasses full of ice.

Serve immediately.

Thai Ice Black Coffee 1


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