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Crispy Mushroom and Tofu Curry

I’m excited about the coming trip. It’s that time of the year again when we can drive down south to visit our family in Kerala. As usual, I will be getting something for the kids, Yaseen’s cousins. My in-laws don’t encourage us to spoil them, but we can’t help because we want to do just that since we’re not with them all the time. Sadik’s family is very practical and simple, and the kids are raised so down to earth, and I really admire that. Yaseen is going to have an amazing time with his cousins, and I’m looking forward to eat a lot of home-cooked Kerala meals. If we’re lucky, we will even be able to see some rain because when we talked to them last weekend, it was still raining.


While we are planning the trip, we have 2 more days to clean up the fridge. I don’t want to waste food so we have to cook everything and eat all of it before leaving town on Saturday. I have a lot of vegetable in there so I told the boys that we’re going to be eating mostly vegetarian till then.


Today I’m making Crispy Mushroom and Tofu Curry. What I love about this dish is the crunchy and juicy texture of the mushroom and tofu in this flavorful, aromatic cream of curry. I simply coat the mushroom and tofu in spicy tempura batter and deep fry them until golden brown. To be honest, they’re great to eat right now with some dipping sauce. The mushrooms are juicy on the inside as they’re wrapped in the crispy exterior. Crunchy Tofu Tempura is one of Yaseen’s favorite snacks. It’s soft on the inside and perfectly crackling on the outside. To make this more like a meal, I whip up some creamy curry sauce and mix in the tempura. I serve this delicious curry with some rice and fried egg on the side.


Crispy Mushroom and Tofu Curry



200 gm mushrooms- clean and cut in half

100 gm Tofu- Sliced

4 tbsp Spicy Tempura Flour

½ cup ice water

2 cups vegetable oil for Deep Frying

2 cups coconut cream

1 cup vegetable stock

1 ½ tbsp Thai Red Curry Paste

1 tsp Sugar to taste

1 tsp Light soy sauce to taste

2 red chilies- sliced

Thai Basil for Garnishing



In a bowl, mix tempura flour and ice water. Stir roughly and do not over mix it. Heat oil in the pan, and when the oil is hot, dip tofu in the batter, and deep fry until golden brown. Do the same with the mushrooms.


In a sauce pan, heat 1 cup of coconut cream, bring to boil, and add Thai red curry paste.


Stir to mix curry paste into coconut cream, and keep frying until aromatic.


Add vegetable stock and bring to boil.


Add coconut cream, and heat the sauce until the curry is about to boil. Turn the heat down.


Add deep fried mushrooms and tofu, and season with sugar and light soy sauce.


Add some chilies and Thai basil, and give it a quick stir.


Serve hot with some rice.



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