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Preview of November Stories

Hey guys! I know we have disappeared for a while, but if you’re following us on facebook, you would probably know that we were on a road trip again. It was Diwali Vacation, and Yaseen had 2 weeks off school. Sadik and I then decided that we should drive down to visit our family in Kerala.

Here is a 1 minute preview video of our trip. More is coming soon with blog posts and tons of pictures.

2850 Road Trip

Watch 2850 Road Trip here on youtube


We extended our trip on the road a little longer so we could spend some time on the beaches and see new places. We were in Kerala for about a week, and I was spoiled with food and plenty of time to sleep.


We drove back home via Bangalore where we met our old friend, and Sadik took us to his old college. On the way back to Pune, we found many beautiful places, and we enjoyed every moment in this journey.


Why it’s so important to travel? Travel opens your eyes. It’s not just about enjoying seeing new places and experiencing new things. Travel makes you become more empathetic. It makes you understand why other people are different from you, and how we can all appreciate one another.


I can’t wait to tell you more about this trip, and ah, how I miss my kitchen. I’m going to cook a lot. And meanwhile, I’m taking part in Nanowrimo, a novel writing marathon. I know it’s quite late to start now, but I want to push myself and do my best. Okay, I’m going to unpack now and do tons of laundry that starts to smell really funny.


See you in the next post!


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