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A Trip to Agonda Beach, Goa

Have you been feeling anxious lately? Sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up with the pace of changes in the world. But remember everyone is dealing with things in their life even though we aren’t facing the same problems. When you see chaos caused by differences, you can’t deny the amount of stress coming your way. I have a way to cope with the issues, and it’s to travel. Just travel.


I’m not saying that you can forget about life for a while and go on a trip. Travel is not about running away from the problems, but it’s about finding and searching for the truths, and it’s about opening up and trying to understand why people are doing what they do, and why we’re different.

Our New Video: Driving to Agonda Beach, Goa

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At the end of October, the boys and I took a break from the commotion and drove south. We headed to our home in Kerala. This time, we kept the trip easy and went slow. We stopped often and explored more.


Our first stop was Goa. We looked for a peaceful spot and found Agonda Beach, a small paradise tugged in the south of this vibrant beach city.


We got a small cottage right on the beach, and it was simple and perfect. We didn’t even wear sandals when we’re there, our feet sinking in the sand the whole time. We grounded ourselves, and we stripped off the routines and turned off the reminders on our phones.


To be honest, the beach wasn’t as peaceful as I had hoped. There were a lot of huts, resorts and restaurants. But it did get real quiet at night, and I liked that.


We had lunch at the restaurant in the resort we stayed. It was on the beach, too, and we had a generous view of the crystal sea in front of us. The food was amazing.


And of course, when you’re in Goa, you have to eat Fish Curry and Rice. Seafood was excellent here. The chunks of fish in my fish curry were sweet, swimming in the savory, aromatic cream of coconut. Sadik got his seafood on hot plate while Yaseen decided to enjoy some pasta.


After lunch, we walked straight to the beach. It was about 5pm, and the sand was still warm. The air though, became real cool, and the breeze felt really gentle on our skin. There were a few boats on the beach, and first we thought that we’re decorations. No, they’re not. These vessels were working fisherman boats, and they would sail out to the sea before dawn.


As we strolled along the beach, we felt something nibbling our feet. We discovered millions of tiny fish in the sand. Well, they could be shrimp or something else. We didn’t really know, but there’re tiny creatures that had just hatched. I think fish come to lay eggs here, and when the little ones are strong enough they return to the sea. When we realized that there were little creatures under our feet, we avoided walking on them. Well, they only rested in some parts of the beach, not everywhere, so we just tried not to walk on them.


We also found tiny starfish all over on one spot of the beach. They’re cute, and the boys were so curious about them.


At night, we went to a small street parallel to the beach because there’re a lot of shops and small cafés there. Then we decided to come back to eat at the resort because we just loved the ambience here. At night, the beach in front of us was a complete darkness. We could hear the waves hurling, but we couldn’t see anything. We felt strong breeze in our hair, and it was really sweet and romantic.


We decided to go crazy on food and eat like we’re going on diet tomorrow. We got grilled whole fish with fries and some citrus rice. We got Prawn Curry and Rice. We also got Chili Prawns. Yaseen had some soup, and lots of milkshake. Everything was incredibly delicious.


At some point during dinner, I noticed Sadik was acting strange. He was whispering and doing something on the side. It’s weird. Then I found out that he had been feeding a dog who was sitting next to him in the dark. Sometimes a tough guy like my husband can be so cute, you know, when he often claims that he hates dogs, but he’s so kind to them.

We walked back to our little hut and crashed on the bed. The night was surprisingly cool. The sound of the waves got really intense at night, and it helped me sleep so well.


Before we all fell asleep I asked the boys what did they like the most about this trip. Yaseen said he loved spending time on the beach and seeing sea creatures in the sand. Sadik told us he enjoyed having lunch in that cozy beachfront restaurant. For me, the best part of this trip was the journey we took. I loved being in the car with my family, and I enjoyed a long road trip, new routes and fresh memories.


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