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Fishing in Agonda Beach and Turtle Nesting in Galgibaga Beach, Goa

I woke up before dawn and opened the door of our cottage. The boys were still in bed, nuzzling in the comfort of the cool morning air. It was still dark outside, but I was eager to go to the beach. When I was a kid, my dad told me that if I went to the beach early morning before everyone else did, I could scavenge things that were swept from the sea. You know, things like big shells, old things from the sea, and maybe even bottles filled with messages. I urged the boys to get out of bed. As they lazily rose and got ready, I sat on the porch and waited.


I heard someone mumbling and walking toward me. It was still dark, but I could figure three local women strutting to the back of our cottage. In their hands, there were fish. I yelled “Look, someone got the fish from the beach!” I didn’t know how, but I imagined the fish were swept to the shore, and people were collecting them. The boys were now excited, and we rushed to the beach right away.

It was so cold, and the sand was wet because vapors condensed and dropped on the beach. I spot some people walking on the other side of the beach, and yes, they were looking and collecting something. I was excited. I wanted big shells, and maybe we could find something really cool. Then I noticed fish, sardines especially, lying on the beach. These were the same type of fish I saw the women had earlier.


I had never seen something like this before. I didn’t know the waves would carry the fish and leave them in the sand like this. We ignored the fish and kept looking for the big shells.

Then we noticed a boat climbing the furious waves heading to the shore. There were men on the boat, and they hopped onto the beach. In their hands, there was a big rope which stretched into the sea. They started pulling the rope, slowly and persistently. More people started showing up, and they worked together. Everybody seemed to know exactly what they had to do. There was no leader to tell people what to do. They just pulled that rope bit by bit.


Then the net started piling up on the beach, and there were fish and other sea creatures in it.


That was when we realized that the fish that we saw on the beach were the outcome of the previous net pulling. So the first operation was even before I woke up.


We saw more people arrived, and the fish sellers took the catches from the fishermen and placed them on the blue plastic sheet to sort the fish and sell them. These fish were sent to restaurants and homes around here.


We went back to the resort to have breakfast. As we sat on the beach and enjoyed our coffee, the fishermen went back to the sea. We could see the tiny boat rocking on the waves in the distance. When we traveled and broke out of our shell, I felt absolutely humble. I looked back at the problems I’d been facing back in the city. I had no time. Just not enough time. I wanted to accomplish so much, but I didn’t have time to work. I was stressed to the point that I was extremely depressed sometimes. Believe it or not, traveling healed me. It reminded me over and over again that I was not the center of the universe, and I didn’t have to carry all burdens. I stopped feeling disappointed and began to let myself be inspired by my journey.


The fishermen don’t forcefully push the net out of the sea. They worked along the rhythm and movement of the sea; otherwise they would be exhausted in the process of ripping the net apart. Our life has different pace, and if we concentrate enough you can feel the tempo. It’s important to know your capacity and learn to go with the flow. In order to achieve something great, pushing doesn’t always work. We need to be persistent and determined.


We left Agonda Beach and headed to our new destination, Galgibaga Beach. We drove further south into the secluded part of Goa. This beach is a turtle nesting site.


I was hoping to see the turtles, and Yaseen would be so happy to see them.


The beach was serene, white and beautiful. There was no commercial shack here, and it felt really private.


Unfortunately, we didn’t see any turtles so I was a little disappointed. The lifeguards told us “The turtles usually come at night in the month of November so visitors don’t usually see them.”


It was time to get back on the road trip again. Sometimes, I have that selfish thought. I don’t want the trip to ever end. I want to sit the car running on an endless road. It’s kind of like when you want to stay in bed in the morning forever. It’s relaxing, cozy and comforting. And especially when I’m with the boys, it was a perfect moment that I want to freeze forever.


My blog entry is running a late these days. I need to catch up with recipe posts here, too, so I couldn’t post the travel stories soon enough. Anyway, we also have videos on youtube where you can watch more recent stories there. I hope you guys enjoy the videos there as well and do subscribe to follow our little adventures.

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6 comments to Fishing in Agonda Beach and Turtle Nesting in Galgibaga Beach, Goa

  • It’s lovely but unfortunately tourism is killing the turtles. Vast stretches of beaches have been commercialised leaving little space for the shy turtles to roost or lay eggs. I wish we would leave plenty of beaches for them poor animals with no voting power.

    • Tes

      I totally agree with you. I think the turtles don’t really like people in places they lay eggs that’s why Galgibaga Beach is pretty secluded and strictly protected. I still think we can do so much better for them regarding making sure the beach is clear especially in the nesting season. For some reason, this beach reminded me of the Turtle Village back near my hometown back in Thailand where we have thousands of turtles roaming around the village freely. When I went to Galgibaga Beach, I was expecting that. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see any turtles there.

  • I didn’t know turtle nesting happens in Goa too. It must have been a nice experience to see the fishermen getting their catch from the sea. Love to see the daily chores of them.

    • Tes

      Hi Nisha, I didn’t know about it at first either. Just before we made this trip, I found out about this turtle nesting beach, but sadly we didn’t see any. And yes, the fishing on the beach was really awesome 🙂

  • I can see you folks had a nice time! Turtles (and their nesting), maybe some other time 🙂

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