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Scallion Omelet

In the middle of April, the sky is harsh. The temperature here is baking hot every day. At night, I barely get some sleep because of the heat. Before summer was in full bloom, we thought about getting a new air cooler because the old one hasn’t been working properly. We thought about it a lot, but we decided that we didn’t want to spend a lot of money when we could just fix the old air cooler. So we fixed it, cleaned it up, and we have been using it for about 2 weeks. But two nights ago, the machine behaved again and it started spitting water everywhere, making a big mess. So now we have to deal with the heat, but hopefully, monsoon will be here soon.

This year we decided to ditch Thailand again because my mom is coming to stay with us. My sister might tag along, and if she did, I might finally start a small café here. Sadik and I have been toying with an idea of opening a small restaurant where we could serve delicious, honest food, and maybe some nice coffee on the side, but to be honest, I need a big push to move forward.

Oh, by the way, Yaseen is finally on school break, and we are now inseparable. I’m finding things for us to do together. We already have some travel plan in mind, but we really have a lot of free time these days. So I’m been asking him to be more involved in the kitchen, and I think maybe I’ll shoot some videos of him cooking as well. Well, he can cook quite a few dishes now, and he’s really good with anything that has to do with eggs.

Scallion Omelet is one of Yaseen’s favorite dishes to cook and to eat. It’s simple and quick to make. It’s also a really good snack when served with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce. This omelet is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It’s also a way to make kids eat greens because the flavor on fresh scallions just works so well with eggs.

Scallion Omelet


¼ cup chopped scallion

3 eggs

¼ tsp fish sauce or to taste (You can use salt or soy sauce as well)

2 cloves garlic- roughly chopped

¼ tbsp vegetable oil

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce for serving


In a mixing bowl, combine chopped scallion, eggs, and fish sauce. Whisk well.

Heat a small pan over medium-high heat and add oil. We are using the small pan because we want the omelet to be quite thick. Swirl the pan around to spread the oil all over.

Add garlic and fry until aromatic.

Add the egg mixture and swirl to spread the mixture on the pan evenly.

Cook for 20-30 seconds on each side or until the outside is crispy and the inside is cooked through.

Cut the omelet into bite-sized pieces and serve them hot with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce.


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