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Thai Fresh Lychee Juice

My favorite season has finally arrived at our door. The air is fresh and cold. Yaseen packs a raincoat in his school bag. When it rains, I immediately want to make some tea, but well, I can’t do that just yet because we’re still fasting in the month of Ramadan here. Well, that will be concluded soon anyway, and on 26th of June, we could have an Eid al-Fitr feast.

While mangoes are still dominate the markets here in Pune, the rainy-season fruits are slowly making their ways to the counters. Fruits like jamuns, plums, apricots and lychees parade in to the city, and more beautiful produces are boosted to grow to their full potential under the raindrops.

Last Saturday, I bought some lychees from the market. It’s not the best quality we can have, but I was craving a refreshing glass of Fresh Lychee Juice, which I used to get at school in Thailand. It’s one of my favorite drinks. Lychee Juice is made with fresh lychees. The process is very easy, and it’s basically just like how you would make Ice Tea with these pretty fruits.

Fresh Lychee Juice is best served with a lot of ice so it’s important to make the juice slightly sweeter than how you would want it to be. Big chunks of lychees in the drink are absolutely recommendable so you might want to keep a spoon on the side to scoop up those lychee meat to eat, too.

Thai Fresh Lychee Juice

Watch Thai Fresh Lychee Juice on Youtube here

Thai Fresh Lychee Juice


1 cup Lychees – discarded seeds

½ cup sugar (or to taste)

A pinch of salt

2 ½ cup water


In a medium pot, cook lychees in water for 10 minutes.

Add sugar and salt, and stir until all sugar is dissolved.

Remove from the heat and let it cool down completely.

Serve Fresh Lychee Juice with lots of ice and enjoy.

Lychees are slight expensive and their quality is not that good right now. Maybe it’s the beginning of the season. Soon I think we can have better monsoon fruits in the market, and we will incorporate them into our cooking as well.

What’s your favorite rainy season fruit? And do you cook with lychees?


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